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  1. Gase gets a bad wrap for an offensive genius.
  2. He has Darnold as a top 2. Behind only Mahomes and that's because wepenz. You put Darnold on the Chiefs and he'd have 60 TDs.
  3. No joke....When I read your initial post with the "fwiw" beginning my initial thought was it is worth absolutely nothing to Nico and he came in right on cue. My gawd it had me rolling.
  4. Until Jones gets Mono. He's a bust in my book.
  5. I asked how it compares to Darnold's rookie year and the reply is to give me a single stat showing how many fumbles Jones had. That's not a comparison.
  6. You have to bounce it against other rookie seasons to determine if it was great, good, ok or bad. Safe to assume you didn't have time to do that. Unless you're going by the "eye" test. Than have at it!
  7. I don't know, you tell me? It's your argument. Seems like Jones had a pretty solid rookie year. Don't see how it supports your premise.
  8. How'd that compare to Darnold's rookie year?
  9. The inaccurate QB who had a TD:INT ratio of 2:1 in his rookie year and a 62% completion %?
  10. Really can’t make stuff like this up. Calls everyone out for being ignorant, provides a link to an article he thinks proves his point, but doesn’t actually read it. Enlightened guy.
  11. It’s a possible treatment. Not even close to being a proven cure.
  12. Nico goes off the eye test to evaluate QBs. Only negative with that being they're his eyes and he doesn't know what he's watching.

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