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  1. Jets fans -we can’t fire Gase this offseason because no coach will want to come here. Also Jets fan - Joe Douglas is great and highly respected. People will want to come here knowing he is running the show.
  2. Can you provide a citation for the stat you referenced? Thanks.
  3. They don’t realize it, but they are basically arguing Sam sucks too, but it’s ok because QB “X” also sucks. The opposite point they think they’re making.
  4. He didn’t miss Robby. The alignment of the moon and mercury caused a gravity differential mismatch which led to the over throw. Anyone thinking otherwise is a troll.
  5. Perhaps. On the flip side, some of you expect too much from a coach with a weak track record.
  6. Establishing a lasting culture by getting rid of all the good players in Miami was especially impressive. Leader of men, agent of change.
  7. Guys....if we fire Gase, we won’t get the top notch candidates clamoring for NYJ head coaching gig. We need to endure the suck because.......[insert thought].
  8. Yes, if the Jets QB did this you’d blame all other 10 players on the field.
  9. Just wait til next year. Gase will turn on the genius switch.
  10. Is Gruden going to call the good plays though?

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