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  1. Out of curiosity, among the current crop of QBs, where would you rank Sam's elite ability to anticipate and place the ball where it should go? Top 5, top 10, top 20....?
  2. Nor does logic or consistent reasoning apparently. Cheers.
  3. So forcing a throw at the end of the game to make something happen counts as a turnover now? Just checking for a friend.
  4. He's almost playing as bad as Darnold.
  5. Did I just hear Bowles say benching Long wasn't performance related in the post game?
  6. You're right. He played great today. No over throws or bad reads.....at all.
  7. Jets should sign some of these dolphin DBs to be receivers. Sam hitting them in stride today.
  8. Teams will use the 2018 NY Jets as a case study on how you ruin a rookie QB.
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