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  1. Was all this sprinkled betwixt the incessant b*tching and moaning?
  2. Hey Bud...fix that OL. Need Jacobs to do well in fantasy. The Raiders made the offseason decision to blow up their offensive line. Let’s start with the data and then make a surprise determination off it: The Raiders have PFF’s lowest-graded center in Andre James. The Raiders have PFF’s lowest-graded tackle in Alex Leatherwood. The Raiders have PFF’s eighth-worst guard in John Simpson. As a unit, they have the worst PFF team run-blocking grade in the NFL. Alex Leatherwood sticks out as the weak point in the offensive trenches. His 34.6 PFF grade is among the worst in the league at right tackle, ranking 28th in run blocking and 41st in pass blocking among players with 60 or more snaps. The rookie has given up three sacks and taken four penalties on his 200 snaps in just three games. While the Raiders used the No. 17 pick on the Alabama product this year, it's obvious he is not ready to start. Sending him to the bench while he develops should be at the top of coach Jon Gruden's to-do list.
  3. jbone

    Nico out

    Definitely thread worthy.
  4. Ja alai balls would have better results.
  5. Really happy we have a QB who doesn’t want to lose. Extremely rare.
  6. Gase gets a bad wrap for an offensive genius.
  7. He has Darnold as a top 2. Behind only Mahomes and that's because wepenz. You put Darnold on the Chiefs and he'd have 60 TDs.
  8. No joke....When I read your initial post with the "fwiw" beginning my initial thought was it is worth absolutely nothing to Nico and he came in right on cue. My gawd it had me rolling.
  9. jbone

    Draft Rumors

    Until Jones gets Mono. He's a bust in my book.
  10. jbone

    Draft Rumors

    I asked how it compares to Darnold's rookie year and the reply is to give me a single stat showing how many fumbles Jones had. That's not a comparison.
  11. jbone

    Draft Rumors

    You have to bounce it against other rookie seasons to determine if it was great, good, ok or bad. Safe to assume you didn't have time to do that. Unless you're going by the "eye" test. Than have at it!
  12. jbone

    Draft Rumors

    I don't know, you tell me? It's your argument. Seems like Jones had a pretty solid rookie year. Don't see how it supports your premise.
  13. jbone

    Draft Rumors

    How'd that compare to Darnold's rookie year?
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