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  1. So you wanted to throw more against the Patriots so Geno could learn? I prefer we pick strategies based on winning the game at hand.
  2. Now your just being argumentative for sake of being argumentative.
  3. No sht!! lol Saying we should have run more in the 4th quarter in that one game was a short term strategy for that one game. You stick with what is working. You wrongly extrapolate that to the entire season and say people are wrong to believe such a thing, when we in fact think nothing of the sort.
  4. Covered it up pretty dam well in Mark's first two seasons. We don't throw three picks if we run the ball more in the 4th. Realistically, running more in the fourth would have given us a higher probability of winning. We were more effective, got more yards and turned the ball over less when running it. To refuse to acknowledge this is the true denial, IMO. You equate the idea that we should have run more in the 4th quarter against the Patriots to something like "lets get rid of the pass and just run, run, run the whole year". Its a fallacy of composition.
  5. You can't win in this league by running the ball........haven't you heard?
  6. Yo must have missed the NE game, because most of the runs were the exact opposite of a wasted play. FYI, Geno out dueled Brady in passing yards and we still lost. So much for your theory about having to win the passing game to get the W.
  7. jbone


    I'd welcome him back for the right price......along with a contract which covers our ass when he decides to hold out again.
  8. I don't remember how many times I yelled at the TV.........."Run the dam ball". If you're gaining yards, moving the chains and keeping the ball out of Brady's hands, why not run it a little bit more? Not saying we should have abandoned the pass or anything, but we clearly had a good thing going on with the run game. Something we didn't have with the passing game. For various reasons.
  9. People need to get over this infatuation with Simms. The only way the kid plays is if Geno gets hurt.
  10. We performed better than most expected. It was there for the taking. Couldn't get out of our own way.
  11. I think Simms starts, because he played better than both of them. Amirite?
  12. Step into my office, Mark; cause you're f*@#!@ fired.
  13. Me thinks it was a 38 yd dash, but everyone told Smith it was 40 to make him feel good.
  14. Brady's first couple years weren't even that impressive, statistically anyway. I mean, he had good completion %s but nothing that really jumped out at you. Wasn't til his 5th season starting he threw for >4000 yds.
  15. More like 4.6 range. Smith is slow as sht.
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