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    Draft Rumors

    The inaccurate QB who had a TD:INT ratio of 2:1 in his rookie year and a 62% completion %?
  2. Really can’t make stuff like this up. Calls everyone out for being ignorant, provides a link to an article he thinks proves his point, but doesn’t actually read it. Enlightened guy.
  3. It’s a possible treatment. Not even close to being a proven cure.
  4. Nico goes off the eye test to evaluate QBs. Only negative with that being they're his eyes and he doesn't know what he's watching.
  5. In summation, retaining Gase had no material impact on how the league views the Jets. I agree.
  6. Building through the draft is the ideal way to go and I'm all for it. On the flip- side, to rebuild the OL and give Sam a chance in the short-term, FA has to play a role. Resolving all the issues the line has via draft is a multi-year process. If we're going to spend money there, it's best we do it while Sam soaks up minimal cape space. Window is closing pretty quickly in that regard.
  7. Richard Sherman ran a 4.56. He's ok.
  8. His impressive two years worth of game film will have to do it.
  9. I was told keeping Gase would (1) show we weren't a joke and (2) convince tier 1 FAs and prospective coaches to seriously consider coming to the Jets. Working out so far.
  10. This is encouraging......if the NFL was a 7-on-7 league. Nania is building a strong resume to replace Eric Allen one day. But seriously, I'd like to see the rest of this list and exactly what goes into the calc (i.e., did Nania leverage a reliable source for this tweet or did he construct it using his own analysis). From what I've seen he tends to give Sam a long leash and the benefit of the doubt most of the time.
  11. Going into Sam’s 3rd year and how confident most were when he was drafted, it’s a bit of a kick to the gonads this is actually a not so crazy question.
  12. With Slingin’ Sam and Adam teh Genius Gase, who needs a backup? Bunch of SOJFs.
  13. Not going to lie, I did enjoy that.
  14. Gase’s biggest accomplishment as a head coach is that the he prevented a mutiny. I’m psyched for year 2.
  15. Basically Sam just needs to master his midichlorians, harness the force and voila.....best QB in the league. This makes sense, especially when you consider the one common trait of all great QBs is they are notoriously awful thinkers during live game action. As long as we can hammer out a contract with George Lucas as QB coach this should work out nicely.
  16. What metric is Sam above average? Not even trying to be a smart a$$ here. Legitimately curious as to what you’re basing this on.
  17. This is the ultimate endgame. Gase being responsible for the demise of Macc and Manish. It is destiny.
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