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  1. sg3 is just an aplogist, nothin more. There is nothing wrong in Jetland. Everything is fine now that "son of Marty" is gone. Lol
  2. haha...the soul reason holmes was pissed at his QB for not being able to get im the ball was Schotteinheimer? I wish I could believe that.
  3. Before he actually tries to find her "tunnel" expect no less than 3 pump fakes. Just to soften her up.
  4. I swear, Sanchez gets more excitement and enjoyment out of these little "jets west" camps than he does actually playing in a live game. Anyone else see him chillin on the bench during the Miami game with his helmet off and both arms just straight chillin like he had 2 b*&^%s on his arm in a movie theatre? I have never seen Peyton, Brees, Brady or any other QB worth his salt with body language like that, in the 1st quarter! I said it to all my buddies watching the game in the first quarter they weren't wining because Sanchez looked like he would rather be on the beach or back in Cali. His body language really started to become alarming, IMO, the last quarter of the season, at least.
  5. At this point I feel there is more of a "Sanchez Apologist Club" (you guys are a bunch of S.A.Cs.) as opposed to a Sanchez haters club.. You guys refuse to look at him objectively and actually think the Jets made it to 2 AFC championship games BECAUSE of HIM. You could have put a dozen different QBs on the Jets in 2009 & 2010 and they could have gotten you to the superbowl, forget about the AFC championship.
  6. Santonio is a cancer. Once Sanchez starts crapping the bed again next year, he will become the same cancerous growth that infected the locker room. Tannebaum and the Jets are setting themselves up for the exact same situation next year. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice.......well, ya know. The steelers didn't get ride of their super bowl MVP for a 4th round pick for no reason. They were begging teams to take Holmes off their hands and Tanny was more than willing to oblige.
  7. Proud memeber since we stupidly traded up to draft a guy who barely won the starting job at USC.
  8. Eli only had 46 more attempts than Sanchez, thsi year. Not really a "crap ton". Sanchez got sacked so much because of his inability to make his reads in a timely manor, if at all. He cannot go through progressions in a way a proficcient, able QB can. This leads to him holding the ball far longer than he has to. The lenght of the pass is irrelevant. As it doesn't matter if it is a 1 yard pass or an 80 yd pass, he can't read make the reads in either situation, most of the time. Throw in the fact he turns 2 o3 step dropbacks in to 5 steps and 5 step dropbacks in 7 steps, that usually explains why we are taking sacks of 8,9 or 10+ yards.
  9. "theres nothing wrong with this team or this locker room that Mark Sanchez can't fix."....He could also excerbate the problems by playing terrible, again. Afterall, the main problem in the locker room stemmed from Sanchez's inability to get his receiver(s) the ball. I think half the team probably thinks the same way. They see what we see, just a lot more of it. I doubt Sanchez "wows" his teammates during practice.
  10. "He needs to roll out, he needs more options to throw to, and he needs plays that require him to make the easy decision. Once they have confidence in his ability to do these things, they can expand the playbook."......So, essentially, after 3 full seasons as an NFL starter, we have so little confidence in our top 5 QB pick, we have to go back to treating him like a rookie, who has not played a game yet. Awesome. I feel bad for people who still think this guy is our franchise QB for the next 10 years.
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