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  1. Yeah.....Sam thinks he can do the same stuff he did at USC in the NFL. And more often than not, it ends badly. After 17 games in the NFL anyone calling it a net plus has their head firmly inserted into their a$$. Kid has more INTs than TDs and completes <60% of his passes.
  2. 275YDs/3TDs/65%/1INT. Anything less against a team as bad as the Fins would be disappointing.
  3. I'll settle for him being able to set his feet and stop throwing while his footwork is all over the place. I know it can be a positive at times, but his technique and fundamentals need a lot of cleaning up. I'd say at this point chances are 60/40 with 60 being no.
  4. Going way out on a limb with this prediction huh? Seriously though, if your Dline doesn''t abuse us you should be worried as a Raider fan. Four warm bodies is pretty much all you need. The Jets will do the rest.
  5. I fondly remember Dee Milliner winning one of those.
  6. Yeah.....Belichick feasting on 1st and 2nd year QBs is going to be a tough trend to buck. I wonder how much of Gase's competent performances were due to him vs. half the Pats downing body shots at Liv until 5AM.
  7. Imagine how much better Herndon is going to be at 27 than Waller is right now. Throw in Darnold being far superior to Carr and it's not even close. Waller and Moreau will be valeting Herndon's car in a few years while the Raiders are still over paying a head coach who was out of the game for 15 years. Prediction - Herndon ends up having more yards and TDs than Waller - while having missed 5 games.
  8. He's a compiler. Maybe this top 5 TE will find the endzone one of these days. Objectively speaking, Herndon is light-years ahead of where Waller was going into year 2. You like your guy, that's cool, but simmer down a bit homie. He's one crack rock away from obscurity.
  9. It's funny because he's completely wrong about Donald being an awful run defender. Which is pretty consistent with him being wrong about most things. "As for run defense? Pro Football Focus has graded Donald as the No. 1, No. 1, No. 4, No. 13 and No. 1 best full-time interior defender from 2014-2018, respectively."
  10. Why would any team trade anything for him?
  11. Saw Louis perform at the Borgata a few years back. Hands down one of the better comedy shows I've ever been to.
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