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  1. I'm convinced you're a bot programmed by Eric Allen.
  2. Threw it to a guy flat on on his ass. Lol Offense in a nutshell.
  3. Four dolphins near that one receiver. Terrible decision by Sam.
  4. #1 on the list of attributes for our future HC should be clairvoyance. Can't game plan against that.
  5. Going to be a long 10 years.
  6. Nathan Peterman might even tear this defense up. Looks like the entire Raiders team decided to give a collective F U to Gruden.
  7. If Darnold had Cousin's numbers, I'd fellate him more than Nico..........that last pick 6 not withstanding.
  8. He's looked like a rookie, as vague and unspecific that is to say. Lots of ups and downs due to a myriad of reasons and circumstances, which is typical for such a young player at the position. Currently #32 in rating and #30 in QBR. I'd venture to say most of us would be disappointed if he is at similar levels after week 17. Biggest headwind he has to deal with is the current regime. Really don't have much confidence in Bowles et. al.
  9. Todd Bowles defense doing Todd Bowles things.
  10. Can be for a littany of reasons. One being he's the best healthy receiver we have, coupled with the fact Sam basically decides pre-snap he's going to throw it over to Kearse. Off course, this is just my observation.
  11. Seems like Darnold is locked onto Kearse every pass play. Forcing some of these throws.
  12. Mayock loves the pick. It's going to be alright.
  13. I'm told it takes at least 3 years to make a true determination about draft picks. Until then, it's open season. Cheers.
  14. Some high grade sativa being passed around in the draft room.
  15. We better have the best gdam secondary in the league this year.
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