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  1. Why Rex should be fired

    I sure hope he gets fired. I'd love to have him as my DC.
  2. Does the Head Coach even matter?

    Individual QB stats can be about as misleading/irrelevant statistic as there is in all of professional sports. And the same stats can be used to argue for or against any particular case. When comparing eras they are less than pointless. Carson Palmer is potentially on track to throw for more yards this season than Marino, Elway, or Montana ever did. Clearly Carson Palmer is > than Marino, Elway and Montana. Going into last week Alex Smith was the #3 rated QB in the league. Clearly Alex Smith is the 3rd best QB in the league. Elway was awesome. Not quite on par with Marino, but his name deserves to be right up there with Marino/Montana.
  3. You're right. Alex Smith is clearly the 3rd best QB in the NFL and his recent success has nothing to do with his supporting cast and everything to do with how accurately he rifles in 5 yard passes.
  4. If those numbers were as straight-forward as you believe, then he would not be getting pushed out the door in favor of a rookie, period. I'm not saying Alex Smith hasn't improved, he has. But take a look at what he is asked to do as a passer to obtain those numbers. When you're surrounded with endless amounts of talent and 95% of your passes are either check downs, screens, 5 yard hitches and in routes then it's not real hard to statistically look like a very good QB. Again, it's very similar to Sanchez. Sanchez just doesn't have the supporting cast anymore to enable a "game manager" QB to be successful.
  5. 2012 Alex Smith = 2009 Mark Sanchez and vice-versa. Maybe smith is slightly better than Sanchez, but not by much if he is. It's amazing how good a QB can look when he is surrounded by massive talent everywhere he turns. Sanchez looks just as good if he's on the niners, and Smith looks just as bad if he's on the Jets this year.
  6. I'm assuming that you are typically the guy in the group who repeatedly has to ask everyone else to explain the joke. BTW It's spelled 'douche'. edit: "Taco" definitely was lol worthy.
  7. I'd kill to have Rex on my team....as a DC that is. Ironic thing is this time next year Rob is most likely a head coach while Rex is running someones defense. That is assuming his ego allows him to be "demoted" This literally made me laugh out loud. What's Cowher doing these days anyway?
  8. Forgive me in advance. Since it appears that Eli Manning has been taking Quarterback lessons from Mark Sanchez for the past month, I couldn't help but think of my green and white cousins. Seriously though, now that the Giants suck I am obligated to do what every miserable football fan does in his time of mourning: Talk about Tim Tebow. I don't want to make any heads explode, but perhaps an outside fans perspective on the NYJ QB situation might be useful. Probably not, but anyway the Jets really need to just start the kid. It would seem obvious to me that starting a terrible QB who wants to win and would probably literally die on the field if he had to, is a better choice than starting a slightly less terrible QB who clearly doesn't care at all. I mean, he's gone in 2 months anyway, at least make some merchandise money on all the Jesus freaks and holy rollers who are going to come out of the woodwork if Tebow starts so you can begin to pay back that comical Sanchize contract. Also worth mentioning that your O-line is probably going to get Sanchez killed or paralyzed before the season ends so it would probably be smart to have the guy back there who is only making a million bucks at this point. Just sayin.... How's McElroy progressing btw? I freaking loved that kid in college. Definitely rooting for his success.
  9. Time for Sporano to go...

    Didn't Tebow actually recognize that the D was on to that play and tuck and run instead? I'm pretty sure Sanchez throws a pick 6 there every time. My memory is a little blurry. I was at my brothers house and that was right about the time that he was tearing everything in half in the house that was Jets related and trying to find out if Woody is listed in the yellow pages..
  10. YEAS BRO DATS IT!!!!11one I wish I was a moron so I could base all of my thoughts on half witted assumptions like you do.
  11. Ironic because your sig is exactly what I'm trying to say, yet I should go **** myself. Not because I'm bashing the Jets, but because I'm more positive about your team than your average poster is. You're really a special kind of stupid. Seriously. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that you spent your childhood riding in a school bus that was smaller than the one the other kids rode in, right? (BTW to answer your question, when the Giants were 7-7 I wasn't talking sh*t about your team, and for what it's worth, they are now SB champs and I'm still not talking sh*t about your team.The only difference is I had no clue that this board existed at that time)
  12. Chad Pennington Most Likely Retiring

    sh*tty. He's a real class act and someone I wish would just get one more shot to start. One of the few times I actually felt bad for a pro athlete was when he was all pumped up to get his start with Miami, only to go down and out on the first play.
  13. You hate the Giants because a fan of theirs who is looking from the outside-in is telling you not to panic, and that your team isn't in this disarray that everyone thinks they are? Makes a TON of sense dude.
  14. Welker Makes Manning elite?

    Your logic is just brilliant. If Welker catches the ball on the 25 with 4 minutes left and a Giants timeout, it is absolutely guaranteed that the Patriots score a touchdown 100 out of 100 times? And even if they don't, and the Giants get the ball back, the guy who has won the game in the 4th quarter 9 times this year and has more 4th quarter touchdowns than any QB in history is 100% not going to score, right? Do you "what if" people actually proof read these bizarre posts before you publish them?