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    North Jersey/Long Island
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    Jets , Devils, Yankees, Red Bull’s, BNFC. I like sports, politics , arguing and debating. I live for this stuff.

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    Please refer to my "About me section" Thanks
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    North Jersey
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    Yoga, rollerblading, ice skating, comic books, anime, traveling and other stuff I can't think of
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    Any time we beat the Pats
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    Better question... what Jets memory hasn't broke your heart?
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    No :'(

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  1. GATA-Bot

    Sign up thread.. theme is...

    GL on your tests
  2. GATA-Bot

    Ninja Turtles Game Signup

    I hate you both and I finalized the vote count already
  3. GATA-Bot

    Sign up thread.. theme is...

    That’s why you don’t give robots alcohol
  4. This is so sad, so laughable and so true
  5. GATA-Bot

    Ninja Turtles Game Signup

    FINAL Vote Count for Mod JiF (7) - Dice, Spoot, Gata, Brick, Pac, Zander, Lee  Deadline: After Pac's Game JIF has been elected and lynched. OH wait ... no just elected.
  6. I hated us picking him from Day 1. IDC what, who, how, why he claims he sucks... NO HE JUST SUCKS
  7. Guess this and many more replays were caused by Rex's back stabbing
  9. GATA-Bot

    Sign up thread.. theme is...

    If @Pac got @SMC... I can see @Jets Voice of Reason coming around to a game
  10. GATA-Bot

    Sign up thread.. theme is...

    Family first! We'll be here; most likely you'll be good for the next off season. Not sure how long your trial will last. BUT Good Luck
  11. GATA-Bot

    Sign up thread.. theme is...

    @Doggin94it DO IT
  12. GATA-Bot

    Sign up thread.. theme is...