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    Usted falla Français?
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    Jets , Devils, Yankees, Red Bull’s, BNFC. I like sports, politics , arguing and debating. I live for this stuff.

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    Please refer to my "About me section" Thanks
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    North Jersey
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    Yoga, rollerblading, ice skating, comic books, anime, traveling and other stuff I can't think of
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    Any time we beat the Pats
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    Better question... what Jets memory hasn't broke your heart?
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    No :'(

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  1. Holmes after the meltdown was still getting fanboys even though he was useless
  2. GATA


    I'm traumatized
  3. GATA

    Tom Shane is dominating

    Tried that once went really well for me in Mafia
  4. GATA

    Fat Mike Fran

    I thought Old Man Franc... fell off the rails during Sandy and never recuperated.
  5. Word we can start a go fund me to get him some good seats too
  6. GATA

    Tom Shane is dominating

    If you get your hands sealed as military or a boxer and you beat people to a pulp . I think it takes much more will to end it there than to just finish the job.
  7. GATA

    Tom Shane is dominating

    That practiced many martial arts. Therefore, it’s mixed martial arts ...
  8. GATA

    Tom Shane is dominating

    And some kick ass MMA
  9. GATA

    Tom Shane is dominating

    That is true
  10. GATA

    Tom Shane is dominating

    Not all heroes wear capes some just constantly bash their team
  11. Can I just say I really F*CKING LOVE THIS KID! Sincerely, nothing grows my heart 3 sizes more than someone being humble. I love that about him. I'm sure one day it will leave for the most part but it's so nice to see.
  12. I don’t plan on catching Bronchitis again... so yeah I’m down

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