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    Você parle Español?
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    North Jersey/Long Island
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    Jets , Devils, Yankees, Red Bull’s, BNFC. I like sports, politics , arguing and debating. I live for this stuff.

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    Please refer to my "About me section" Thanks
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    North Jersey
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    Yoga, rollerblading, ice skating, comic books, anime, traveling and other stuff I can't think of
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    Any time we beat the Pats
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    Better question... what Jets memory hasn't broke your heart?
  • Who is your favorite member of the NY Jets flight crew?
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    No :'(

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  2. GATA


    Do you have any more children? Lots of respect for your other daughter keeping up with 8 .
  3. GATA


    I like it too
  4. Just ask Crush to change your username to that.
  5. GATA

    Jeremy Kerley

    I used to call him butterfingers
  6. GATA

    Anyone else Glad it's a Short Week?

    Yes, thanks for asking off tomorrow because of Yom Kippur and have a 4 day weekend coming up. Oh, you meant the Jets .... not really. I wish they had a bit more time to review video and go over their mishaps.
  7. GATA


    That's funny. But yeah it was definitely odd not seeing him around the Mezzaine leading the chant
  8. GATA

    Mafia forum off season chat thread

    That's great! I hope you guys find nothing more was damaged.
  9. I was wondering what happened. I saw Mangold do the flip and was happy because I was rocking his Jersey.
  10. GATA

    Giants - Cowboys Game

    This. I do it too
  11. You know I understand our performance was terrible and all... But not sure I want to start my Monday off with this dose of reality.
  12. GATA

    Final thoughts on Bowles

    So much optimism from you .... It's a trap!

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