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    North Jersey/Long Island
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    Jets , Devils, Yankees, Red Bull’s, BNFC. I like sports, politics , arguing and debating. I live for this stuff.

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    Please refer to my "About me section" Thanks
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    North Jersey
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    Yoga, rollerblading, ice skating, comic books, anime, traveling and other stuff I can't think of
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    Any time we beat the Pats
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    Better question... what Jets memory hasn't broke your heart?
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    No :'(

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  1. I actually have him locked in the closet lol
  2. https://www.kapwing.com/videos/635f1c0a939791001edcd413 CTM said “is the Ape dead yet”🙃
  3. I promise I’m going next year . But I am on my way to the stadium now LFG
  4. My coding doesn’t understand groupon
  5. My thoughts for you and your family. Be genuine, be honest and open up to your kids young or old they’ll learn to deal with it the more transparent you are about how you feel. Just don’t bad mouth their mom.
  6. It’s not just women . people are vindictive usually sometimes you get lucky and find a push over
  7. I don’t think we need to fire him just yet but he needs to pull Flacco he does nothing out there
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