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  1. I’ll wait for the 🦧 before casting my vote
  2. @Drums you didn’t vote also missing bum & 32 If that’s true then you shouldn’t have hammered Here’s you hammering
  3. Out to dinner bbl I didn’t finish looking back
  4. I see you originally explained ^meh Town “reads” beaver spoot .... has stark 1 townie and drums who we don’t know yet i forgot beaver kept trying to get PDX lynched could be something
  5. Hey JC, im going through drums posts to see if I notice any patterns I named my top two before you should go read that while I keep looking back . TY and I’m not voting yet since I wanted more of you guys to show up
  6. What made you say that then ? This is a good look^
  7. Did you end up posting the ideas ? Here’s your reasoning there . You don’t have to address this . I’m just going through your votes to see if I see patterns
  8. So here’s my answer to the not answering if you see my interaction with Nolder I think the very last time he posted I gave my reasoning. and pretty much every time I voted I said right then or eventually addressed my vote. Nolder chose to read into D1 like if you get a ton of intel from it . During this phase ppl are usually joking around for the early portion of it and mislynch . he spent 6hrs on it; it was wasted because there was no tell. All of my actions have been trying to work with town even when I disagreed I had to get myself out of the funk and just played the game . I don’t want to spoon feed the game to a lazy townie that chooses to go after 1 person and not try to solve the game as a whole.
  9. Pretty much Verb was going to follow what town suggested . aside from that I think maybe I can look at voting patterns again I think I saw drums avoid some of the first scum votes brb. I’ll look at pdxs voting patterns too
  10. I'm sitting out next game. Whoever needs a co mod. HOLLA !
  11. Not really a vendetta, usually when things like what happened yesterday arise scum jump on board a train to save their own. Hence, Beaver & Bum Knee... same reason almost all scum was on that holster train they wanted to protect spoot & Smash. This points in your direction. Like I said your last 2 votes help your case but you did a full 180 after Nolder once you saw his story didn't stick you did another 180. You can try to talk your way out of it. It all seems scummy.
  12. Ok without quoting everything PDX (deckerfan now) Jvill mentioned what do we think of him before he died. He was mostly inactive. Might be reading into this too much but I think Jvill was careful about what he said. After D2 you didn't see him say much of anything honestly. Yesterday, when scum tried to get me lynched with Nolder's case on me decker was also trying to clear beaver and didn't vote for him. Today he went straight into the voting phase voting BumKnee . Might be a buss to clear his name. Drums: Day 1 Verbal revealed he was vig to avoid a lynch. We ended up lynching CTM N1 A majority wanted to shoot but a few wanted to Holster. So far on the holster has pretty much been all scum with the exception of Crush & Stark I think Drums could be scum because of his vote here. He kept saying all the vets were agreeing to it poll doesn't back that up for sure ape , crush & smash wanted to holster but not all the vets. Verbals Shot: Verbal (1) Brickhouse Spoot (2) GATA, Boozer GATA (2) kdels62, ID Smash (3) JOVR, jvill51, Just End Me Holster (7) Smash, Drums, Beaver, Spoot, Crusher, BUM-KNEE, Stark Not Participating (1) Ape Yesterday, after Nolder laid his case beaver rushed to spin narrative and drums did too. Even tho the day before he was so sure I was town. Drums hammered yup great look & today he voted for the obvious hanging fruit Bum Knee but it feels like a buss. Those are my two for now.
  13. original set up was a 20 person game so i was thinking it was a 5 person team. 80 added the 1x unlynchable to balance the 21 players. Do you think 6 makes more sense?
  14. If not present a case on someone just saying resolve my slot if you are town is not pro town Town currently has majority 6 vs 1 if you flip town we lose 2 That is not good for town so if you really are town make an effort if you flip scum ..End game ... TY
  15. This obviously doesn't vet anyone but I'm going to guess Cop peaked @Jetscode1 & read him town. I'm not tin-foiling that I WILL NOT VOTE JC till end game if I make it there and JC is still alive. My current scum leans are as follows deck & drums. neutral on Nyn Boozer Town JC (based on cop) & obviously town confirmed NOLDER
  16. @Nolder we just killed scum Right now would be a good time to get back in the game bro. I think your case on me so far saved town. I think you should take it for what it's for we caught 2 scum trying to change the narrative and vote me. Let's maybe consolidate on reads and catch the final one.
  17. I like this because all that means is you didn’t disagree with anything I said scumknee
  18. Really I wanted you to lay out where I've been trailing because that is a blatant Lie. You mentioned me trailing off a little after the shot since then I've voted spoot , smash twice, Stark (sorry bro) & your beaver comrade. In addition to bringing up all the final Vote counts , casing you, casing beaver, & multiple times asking for everyone’s opinion to find a consensus. additionally, you saw town cop semi vouched for me does that mean nothing? I’ve also seen you vote holster and seen you be in the same voting patterns as spoot & beaver. so by policy we say lynch all liars bud
  19. Ok Day 7 .... (7vs2) That's my best guess We're trying to go into Day 8 with a 6 vs 1 situation if it was a 4 player scum team we win but that wouldn't make sense for balancing purposes

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