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  1. ^ @Jetscode1 I never saw you mention Spoot
  2. Note : I shot LK honestly cause he hammered Drums That’s why I went after stark the following day
  3. Sorry guys I didn’t know one shot cop meant you only get to view one time so if this is lylo here we go Innocent Child -JV 2-shot Vigilante - Me 1-shot Cop -JC or Spoot @Spoot-Face why did you decide to investigate Ape and not reveal he’s town confirmed or hint at it @Jetscode1 why did you decide to investigate Spoot instead of ape if you had him as your #1 I’m shooting either one of you
  4. Innocent Child -JV 2-shot Vigilante - kinda confirmed 1-shot Cop -Maybe JC (or he’s trying to draw out the JK (did you shoot @Jetscode1 LK?) Tracker Jailkeeper regardless one is a filthy liar spoot or JC
  5. Not much too look at pattern wise for now JC & Spoot are both on Town confirmed lynches could be coincidence tho
  6. D1 Page 7 D2 Page 16 D3 Page 26
  7. No, my vote wasn't because of that He didn't answer me and regardless of you asking him directly or not. you're mentioning the same question He didn't address till after he was voted I told Stark as well my vote coming into today would have been Barry if not for the 80 death Then Barry votes KD no comment ... even though I'm his #1 scum Finally, he does the self vote (again usually a scum move to get ppl to unvote or just very EMO)
  8. What made you change your mind?
  9. Actually if you're town and pouting that's gay instead of casing you're just throwing a temper tantrum If you're scum good riddance
  10. Doesn't matter he's isn't addressing or giving reasoning behind his vote. @Barry McCockinner why are you voting KD?
  11. Love how he doesn't answer either of us UNVOTE VOTE Barry
  12. You don't give any reasoning behind it you're just placing votes and you put him at L-2
  13. Why ? I thought you liked your vote?
  14. Unofficial Vote Count (4) kdels - Jif, Spoot, JC, Barry (2) Stark - Gata, CTM (1) Gata - Stark (1) Jif - Kdels (1) JC - Ape With 10 alive it takes 6 to lynch. Deadline: Thursday 6:30 PM PST/ 9:30 PM EST
  15. @Jetsfan80 They don't give you enough credit bro lol
  16. town 80 has played with all of you for years and is way better at reading you guys more than LK and most def more than I
  17. I had no idea who to vote that's why I tagged everyone based on D2 I would vote Barry for his vote unvote bs leading to Drums being at L-2 the only reason I'm voting you is what I said before the bet on you being scum based on 80s death but also betting scum killed 80
  18. It doesn’t matter it’s not stupid and yes carry on
  19. I literally told you why I didn’t and for D2 I wasn’t on drums being scum it would have been an omgus vote I even tagged everyone to try to get more context from players at that point it was only me drums and barry talking
  20. Well I was only presenting the idea and whether good or bad people are talking so I'm glad
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