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  1. Hey there My name is Stephany. My nickname is Gata . It means Cat in spanish. (Don't ask) I've been a Jets fan since I was 6 yrs young. Fav Current Players: Revis , Mangold Fav Old Players: Namath, Boozer, Lyons PS. Rene sent me . Thanks Rene "And that's was a Jets ! FIRST DOWN" LETS GO JETS
  2. It's just my nickname .. It means Cat in spanish
  3. As soon as tickets go on sale I'm getting tickets to the Colts game.
  4. A noodle arm who can complete passes. I'll take him.
  5. They're like Donald Trump you know he's a person too but you can't help but dislike the guys arrogance.
  6. I was a big Pennington supporter I think he has potential. Feel sorry for the guy . Pennington is so much better than Matt Moooor'on
  7. Thanks I would make an intro but I have no idea where to go
  8. I totally agree with the part that Jet Fans need to stop sobbing and start looking forward to next season like every other team who didn't win the Superbowl this yr. Now I'm having trouble with the fact that you're a Giants Fan telling this to Jet Fans. SMH
  9. Instead of just making a general statement Johnson decides to give Giants more to boast about. I'm not MAD ... But I think it was unnecessary.
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