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  1. I only said the stupid part because if he is town he is only tunneling on scum knowing who shot who ... But that's not true because the vig would also know that's one scenario Second can be someone guessing or trying to figure out who shot who. My best guess is vig shot LK & Scum shot 80 if I'm wrong and it's backwards I just wouldn't get why scum would kill LK he's never a threat and usually an early lynch. I'm not scum
  2. It's an educational guess. Why would scum kill a townie that hammered a town role? Scum could have easily made him the lead lynch the following day. So you think the vig killed 80? & Scum killed LK? 2 shots happened yesterday therefore vig (See open setup thingy we just don't know the other 2 PRs)
  3. D1. I liked his case because it's part of the unspoken rule of mafia that we used to lynch 80 D1 or Verb but you didn't jump on the JV post even for laughs. So when you didn't do it, he pointed it out and I was like oh yeah I wonder why he wouldn't go for it. N1 you came across more genuine D2 so I digressed, 80 still votes you N2 80 Dies D3 We're here now the only person to still vote you is 80 and he's dead now This is ^ where I'm at if I'm wrong why would scum kill 80?
  4. @Spoot-Face @CTM @Integrity28 @Jetscode1 any hunches / reads thus far KD vs JIF? @Barry McCockinner that last bit of going back and forth voting and unvoting Drums was pingy @Stark I only recall you being at L-2 D1 not D2
  5. Cállate at least Im trying to figure it out
  6. Vote Stark @Stark 80 wanted to kill you D1 & D2 you didn't get much more push from anyone else and now he's dead
  7. 10 Players (3 dead all town) 4 Players left Villagers 3 PRs (1 Vig , x , y ) 3 Mafia
  8. No if anything I thought you were telling everyone else that
  9. Geez I'm sorry to hear that I know you've had a lot of difficulty with your babies either way LK just hammered drums so let's see what happens. GL to you and your family I wish you guys the best
  10. Rush a hammer with no one around and half the game is talking yea super donkey
  11. Currently, I feel like my vote against you would be more OMGUS than anything so that's why I'd rather hear from everyone else first before hammering
  12. @Jetsfan80 @Spoot-Face @Integrity28 @jvill 51 @Stark @Lizard King @JiF @kdels62 @Jetscode1 @CTM Everyone is getting tagged .... got a problem EAD TY
  13. We haven't really had participation from a few players our DL is tonight Let's wait till we get a bit more context I'm suss on Drums but not sold hence why I haven't voted for him
  14. He was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer
  15. Interesting ... so there's 0 mention of the person you're actually voting for. Why is that?
  16. @Integrity28 @CTM @kdels62 any thoughts to add
  17. 1. D1 no one really trust anyone unless they have prior knowledge of who's who ..there's no masons here.... so why say that? Usually players that buddy up they do it with Town folk to gain trust or with their own scummates now you or JV could be either or 2. the whole baiting reaction thing (that might part of his town meta aka baby ape ) but the why not vote gata thing was weird 3. I'm not scum, it doesn't matter if you believe it or not once I die or w/e you or whoever is town can look at my train for clues. All 3 of you were pretty pushy on that train which comes back to the scummates possibility or just iggy town folk. As of right now though we've been fortunate no town deaths have occurred.
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