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  1. I didn’t like his buddying post either it’s not an indication of town to me tho it could be scum too And the vig probably holstered
  2. Then why even ask if you don’t want an obvious answer
  3. I mean you can do whatever you like but if you try to get ppl to verify or not that’s fishing and pingy af
  4. Lol wut? It’s D1 how can you trust already 2 ppl ?
  5. a. that's correct b. I love your dad so don't bring him into this
  6. Honestly, too many scenarios with the JIF thing. I'm going to see what happens tonight. If I make or not and the shots fired
  7. Before DL We were fortunate not to kill a town role but we still give a free kill to mafia unless the vig shoots. Votecount (6) Gata - Barry, CTM, Drums, Ape, Jvill, Stark Stark puts me at L1 Jif doesn't vote me even tho ppl kept mentioning it. & kdels tries to sneak the hammer in but too late.
  8. This is a good point Though I have seen kdels slow pace play before so personally I'm not gonna get hung up about it
  9. @CTM I'd kill you if town or mafia so this means nothing to me
  10. so in essence we can have 4 possible counter claims 2 vigs (that means 4 shots if they pick it 2 town & 2 extra mafia ) 2 innocent children 2 trackers or 2 jailkeepers I don't see why they'd pick the cop role
  11. I actually thought the 80 case was good on stark D1 is usually very slow so I honestly thought we’d have at least 20 pages of memes and nonsense before anything serious happened
  12. Honestly @Jetsfan80 made a good point Stark hasn't moved either even after that comment. I honestly thought there was still lollygagging going on didn't know an actual case occurred Danke on that. I'm ok getting serious now unvote the smelly hippie VOTE Stark. ORALEEEEEEEEEE!
  13. Im so glad we’re talking about farting and not this dumpster fire in the US right now.
  14. Don’t hate the player Hippie hate the game
  15. “We want this to be part of our story, but not our story”-JD That's really nice to say yet as a Jets fan this is part of our never ending story.
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