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  1. Cheating Scum Elimination Day!

    Nice to see that Jets fans have SOMETHING to root for in January. I wonder about this guy though...
  2. The 2013 ji discussion thread :)

    Ham had a melt down and pulled a nutty on Warfish and was permabanned at JI early last year. He's one of the 6 posters over at Jets Addicts now.
  3. This is the most talented team that Rex has ever coached!
  4. Harbaugh Bowl

    Thank you, I will. I'll also laugh at your naivete every time Pats isolate either Hernandez or a RB across the middle vs, Ray Ray.
  5. Harbaugh Bowl

    You're comparing a non-athletic pocket passer whose greatest strength has always been his mind and superior decision-making, with a defensive position that requires strength and speed. REALLY? And it's Patriots fans who make sh!t up? Ravens should absolutely provide a good test. They deserve to be there as they earned that right. (It's not like some team sat their starting future HOF QB halfway through the last game allowing them to walk their way in) That said, if you don't think the Pats ultra-hurry up offense will gas the oldest defense in the NFL, well, herp derp to you!
  6. You Know What's REALLY Going To Suck?

    Happy to hear you finally have something to cheer about. First time that's been the case since what, October?
  7. You Know What's REALLY Going To Suck?

    Lol...I dunno. Why'd you read the LAST ONE? And here i was thinking that the definition of a loser was someone who spends his/her life posting over 21,000 times on a message board.
  8. You Know What's REALLY Going To Suck?

    I guess that would depend if you're the type of guy who goes on a trip and gripes about the final destination while missing the wonderful journey to get there. But keep surmising what it feels like. If history is any indication, it's a feeling you'll probably never experience in your lifetime.
  9. You Know What's REALLY Going To Suck?

    Nahhh. You can't watch a minute of any sports channel, or open a newspaper, or view a sports blog without reading how the "Jets Suck". Hell, it's actually gone multinational at this point with Canadian hacks writing about it. One doesn't have to come here for that. Face it, though. Everyone loves a car wreck. Don't hate on me for slowing down to rubberneck this one. Besides, if you bothered to read my post it was to say the Pats winning the SB is not a given, and in defense of the Pats having been "unsuccessful" and not about "the Jets Sucking".
  10. You Know What's REALLY Going To Suck?

    May want to watch the next game and maybe the one after to determing that. I expect them to beat the Ratbirds, but the 49ers will be tough to beat on a nuetral field. Sounds excrutiating to me. Not because it means the Pats lost to the Ratbirds, but because have you seen another whiny coach as bad as these two? I'm always amused, and surprised to read this from Jets fans. Especially now what with them coming off an 8-8 and 6-10 seasons. In the past 7 years, the Pats have a 86-26 reg. season record, won the AFCE 6 times, been AFC Champs twice, and came within one play of winning their 5th and 6th SBs. Yet these same fans will claim success for the Jets because they lost back to back AFCCgs 3 years ago. (And in the last 7 years have 0 Division crowns, and a losing 55-57 regular season record. Yeah, the Pat's are the unsuccessful ones. Cue the responses that the only successful teams are the ONE that wins the Super Bowl.
  11. 41 points is BORING? Are you drunk? All they did was dink and dunk for 344 yards and 3 passing TDs? Just WOW. And don't hate on Shane being able to come in with Woody out and do his job. That's what the Pats do under BB. Most Jets fans laughed when BB drafted 2 RBs in early rounds. Who's laughing now?
  12. 10 starters signed for next year and 12 million to fill every hole. Forget 10 wins. The team will be lucky to match this season's 6-10 record. Whole new story, however, in 2014.
  13. Just wow. Epically clueless posts. Care to reneg on these in hindsight?
  14. LMAo...Arian is a genius. No one ever said.