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    The W against pats at home 2013, I was there for the first but not last time.
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    Everything about Sanchez...
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    The best looking one, always
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    No im not old...

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  1. We all appreciate yours and football guy’s information and take it for what it is. The guys who can’t handle it, and maybe there’s a few here, should seek help.
  2. He should definitely take fashion advice from a man calling himself dirtyjersey..
  3. Pick up his things before his big move to the Jets?
  4. Personally I didn’t think those interviews showed much at all except a face for each name. the more I think about it, Harbaugh is my favorite choice. If we go down the coordinator road I hope JD have a magic 8ball. Our track record has been less than stellar previously.
  5. I think you might be right. A proven leader/teacher. Maybe not the sexy choice but with the right personnel a solid one?
  6. No problem so long as JD get to put the name/names in front of CJ. it’s going to be a interesting week or so until we know who our next coach will be. Fully expect the interviews will be speed up by the fact that they will be over zoom.
  7. I guess that would be true but not really exciting enough. I want a new hero
  8. I would prefer a dominant edge rusher. In my active days as a jet fan I have still not seen one..
  9. Thanks for the link! Sad that there’s no Chase Young or Bosa at no2 spot in this years draft
  10. Trey Lance is so much better imo. Will be interesting to hear your opinion though
  11. A bit easier when it’s the last name. You can call him Trey, messiah or whatever you want. But yeah, Lance, Brock and other names are just not very nice.

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