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    The W against pats at home 2013, I was there for the first but not last time.
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    Game Pass
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    Everything about Sanchez...
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    The best looking one, always
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    No im not old...

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  1. I don’t trust them at all. Sign him and don’t look back. then if he want to add DJ to his staff, repeat above. ☝️
  2. CM28

    OTA Thread

    Very true, not disputable
  3. CM28

    Jets add QB

    Well I’m old so my memory might be off. I liked him back then. Now when I read up on him... not so much. But as a backup why not.
  4. CM28

    Jets add QB

    If I remember correctly, he’s accurate but has a noodle arm.
  5. Because it’s span-ish?
  6. CM28

    Bosa Not Meeting with Jets

    What do you mean?
  7. CM28

    Tom Brady’s Legacy Poll

    There’s more of you?! 😳😳😳
  8. CM28

    Tom Brady’s Legacy Poll

    There’s more of you?! 😳😳😳
  9. Good thing you’re famous for your sense of humor, you cranky old bastard 😊
  10. CM28

    New Jets fan from Australia

    I made the exact same mistake in 98.. Hurts every day, welcome!
  11. He’s totally in love with soccer. Not getting any real chances there either
  12. This is more accurate no? Pretty cool too

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