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  1. Just as long as the elements are good? Cheers from Stockholm Sweden 🇸🇪 Let's go Jets!
  2. I feel your pain my brother from another European mother. These late games sucks balls.
  3. Fireman Ed

    Kind of bummed that Terry couldn't somehow take JW12 with him. Oh well..
  4. Help a Jet noob!

    Lol. Don't think there's more fans than us.. Good! It is, but different. Not organized at all. Fun as hell though! Have a great time and bring a W with you back home.
  5. Help a Jet noob!

    What are the odds of two Jets fans in the same city (outside of US). Glad to see I'm not the only idiot.. I took the bus as described and it was easy enough, traffic on way back but after a W, who cares? Let me know if you need any recommendations and representera oss svenska Jets fans med full pipa!
  6. Good Read

    Nice read! Credit to the author, http://mmqb.si.com/writer/andy-benoit
  7. I remember him complaining during the pre season that they didn't practice on special teams at all (can't remember for how long). Seems like he had a point there. From what I read, it's not clear if this Armstrong guy is available or not. Him or the Philly guy would be nice. Also, I get that you can't build a team in one offseason so we should have a better ST next year if we don't screw up the draft.
  8. "All teams know the rules going into each season." Really?
  9. The only negative is that when I watch through the NFL Now app on Apple TV I can't find Redzone or NFL Network. That sucks!
  10. it's an app. That on your phone/laptop or Apple TV thru nfl now app works like a charm!
  11. sure you can live stream. Do it all the time from Sweden.
  12. What a dick. I expect him to be banned from the locker room in the future.
  13. Hey, all for enthusiasm. Just add a little perspective to it. Have a great weekend and let's discuss further when we have more material. Now off to my brothers 40 years party.
  14. I would also disagree on that. But what I do feel about this whole thing is that it's way too soon to speculate on how the season will look like/end. The sample size is too small to draw any real conclusions other than we have a great chance of winning against Philly on Sunday. Other than that I feel a bit irritation towards the talking heads who doesn't give us credit for our beautiful W:s thus far. Slats made a comment that they are a good counterweight to all the pink cloud comments around here. I agree on that as well.
  15. So I see that the general conclusion here is that we will trade him. I have to say I agree after reading Gaileys thoughts about him below. Only reason for keeping him is depth as I see it. 1. What's up with Jeremy Kerley? Gailey basically said Kerley isn't versatile enough for what the Jets want to do with their offense. "We've got some roles defined, and he fits a little bit of a lot of roles, but not major in any of the roles," Gailey said. Gailey also said because Kerley had missed time—first with an Achilles injury during OTAs, then with a concussion during training camp, "we started molding [the offense] around other things, and we are where we are." The Jets want their receivers to be able to play interchangeable roles. Kerley, while capable, is pretty much a slot receiver. He playedjust one offensive snap against the Browns. "He's still going to have bits and pieces of things that we think that he would make a difference for us on, but there's not enough room for everybody on every play," Gailey said. "Unfortunately, with the time he missed, he's a little bit—this is a bad term—you don't want to say odd man out, but it's just we haven't created the role for him yet that he will end up playing at some point for us. We will, we know where it is, we'll get there, but these other things are things that we've been doing for quite a while, while he was out." Translation: Kerley's future with the Jets is very much in doubt. 2. On Devin Smith's role, if he does play vs. Colts. Gailey said Smith, who's been sidelined since July 31 with broken ribs, would play "a very limited role" if he can go Monday night. Smith has practiced in full the last two weeks, but he was inactive last week against the Browns. "He's really in fall camp still," Gailey said. "You can watch film and do it on the chalkboard all you want, but until you get out there and you do it on the field, there's no substitute for that." PLUS: How being a former player influences Todd Bowles as a coach 3. Where will Devin Smith play (if he plays)? As noted above, Gailey and receiver coach Karl Dorrell want all of the Jets wideouts to be able to play in all spots. But with all the time Smith has missed, Gailey said he'd prefer to put Smith "in a spot—I won't tell you which one—and try to leave him there in order to keep it as simple as possible for him early in the year."
  16. 2015 NY Jets Anthem "Jet Life"

    Amen to that. It made me cringe in a very unpleasant way.
  17. Tell me about it. Getting single at 37 without beard and the result of years in the gym is not pleasant. In my city, every mother****er looks like a ******* gym rat with beard and tatoos. My life sucks. Oh, and I'm a Jets fan..
  18. ha! True.. I do root for Fitz though. Got my lucky # and is not named Geno.
  19. This sucks. I'm a swede without the beard gene... I will neither go with the dick beard since I'm single and the ladies do not approve of that. Will I jinx everything now?
  20. OK something's officially wrong here. The O is moving the ball on a regular basis! I feel like a million bucks right now. And for those who argues about the fourth game etc, I don't care. Cannot remember them playing this well on O ever.
  21. Camp Updates Monday 08/24

    I hope you're wrong. Owusu is a interesting prospect and did some nice things end of last year, both catching and as a kick returner (Miami?!). But with his history of concussion, KR is probably not the best idea..