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  1. Me too. A lot more expensive though like $200 per year. It is great but as everyone pointed out - sucks about a quarter into each game 🤮
  2. I’m Swedish. Kelly’s a internet imposter. Gata is way prettier and maybe actually a woman 😂
  3. You sure about Villain? 🤔 I’m an old fart as well compared to you 😅 How old is Kelly? He seems to keep in shape!
  4. Is everyone on the forum, except for patriot killa, old as ****? Btw. Great thread! 😂
  5. I’m prepared to give anyone a chance. That said. I know nothing about the guy.
  6. Maybe our GM think this guy is an upgrade to our pass rush? Just an idea. Give him a few drafts on his own before the verdict? He inherited a sh*t show after all
  7. I don’t trust them at all. Sign him and don’t look back. then if he want to add DJ to his staff, repeat above. ☝️
  8. Very true, not disputable
  9. Well I’m old so my memory might be off. I liked him back then. Now when I read up on him... not so much. But as a backup why not.
  10. If I remember correctly, he’s accurate but has a noodle arm.
  11. There’s more of you?! 😳😳😳
  12. There’s more of you?! 😳😳😳
  13. Good thing you’re famous for your sense of humor, you cranky old bastard 😊

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