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  1. From what I understand, Florida for instance get the taxes back in other ways. Like property taxes. So in the end it’s pretty even. So who cares what you call the tax, bottom line is the important one.
  2. Absolutely wrong (thank …). Fun fact is that you never tear the same Achilles again. I don’t know about speed but many who tear one, often tear the other soon enough.
  3. That means 2am in Sweden. So coffee for me
  4. CM28

    Gase is back!

    Great movie reference
  5. I would also love this. An away game in london would be an instant must see live for me and other European Jets fans! Be happy it’s not a home game
  6. My 5 cents, he’s on his own. Look at the Twitter name or what you call it. Mehtasports.
  7. CM28

    Fake Rumor

    Haha, that’s fair. Honest mistake, trusting the source
  8. CM28

    Fake Rumor

    Hm maybe, sorry about that. Mods, feel free to delete
  9. This guy’s getting released no doubt in my mind.
  10. Hey now, there’s enough for both of you
  11. Didn’t he just have 1 start in 2020? He had an amazing 2019. DJ is really high on him if my memory serves me right. If we keep darnold I would let them fight it out from day 1. But I hope we could get him later in the first round.
  12. This! I’m a fan of Lance but in all honesty, I was also a fan of Darnold, Falk and RG3 over Luck...
  13. We all appreciate yours and football guy’s information and take it for what it is. The guys who can’t handle it, and maybe there’s a few here, should seek help.
  14. He should definitely take fashion advice from a man calling himself dirtyjersey..
  15. Pick up his things before his big move to the Jets?
  16. Personally I didn’t think those interviews showed much at all except a face for each name. the more I think about it, Harbaugh is my favorite choice. If we go down the coordinator road I hope JD have a magic 8ball. Our track record has been less than stellar previously.
  17. I think you might be right. A proven leader/teacher. Maybe not the sexy choice but with the right personnel a solid one?
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