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  1. Exactly this. Had a great time watching but in the end got to keep the #1 spot in the draft
  2. I’m actually thinking of watching the game now Make it happen Max!
  3. Great movie and scene!
  4. Hang in there Nut! Best wishes to you and your family
  5. This is a tough subject since we still know so little. Just go back a month in time and compare notes.. With that said. Since I’m Swedish and we have chosen another path than complete lockdown, a month or two later I am glad we did. If you compare with Finland or New Zealand who has managed to contain the virus almost completely, they are super nervous for what’s coming the day they open up for business again. The feeling here in Stockholm is that we are getting closer to pack/mass immunity (correct translation?). I think that there’s no way around this. We just have to get through it. Time will tell. Hopefully, football season will start as planned. I don’t think they will cancel the season if a few players get the virus, like they did in the NBA, mainly because we will know much more about it by then. Sorry for the Swedish perspective - go Jets!
  6. I’m a FFC supporter as well. I loved them back when the players were former construction workers etc. Nowadays they are a yo-yo team between PL and Championship which historically is very good! Also love the fact that they are a London based team with a great older stadium. If to choose a club from scratch. I would go for something similar, Q.P.R. for instance. To choose City, Pool etc now is like starting to follow pats 2015... Pick an historic underdog!
  7. Me too. A lot more expensive though like $200 per year. It is great but as everyone pointed out - sucks about a quarter into each game
  8. I’m Swedish. Kelly’s a internet imposter. Gata is way prettier and maybe actually a woman
  9. You sure about Villain? I’m an old fart as well compared to you How old is Kelly? He seems to keep in shape!
  10. Is everyone on the forum, except for patriot killa, old as ****? Btw. Great thread!
  11. I’m prepared to give anyone a chance. That said. I know nothing about the guy.
  12. Maybe our GM think this guy is an upgrade to our pass rush? Just an idea. Give him a few drafts on his own before the verdict? He inherited a sh*t show after all
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