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    Beating the Jaguars in the '98 playoffs; Beating the Chargers in the '09 playoffs and beating the Patriots in the '10 playoffs.
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    Yes, since 1978
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    The Cleveland Browns playoff game in the 1986 Divisional Round. Also losing to the Steelers in the 2004 Divisioanl Round.
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    Yes, 9 years old. I remember watching the game.

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  1. Not defending Mayfield but Giant fans, like most fanbases, do not pack the stadium when the team is losing.
  2. Lance Mehl was a great linebacker whose career was cut short by a knee injury. I will never forget the two 4th quarter interceptions against the Raiders in 1982 playoffs. One of my favorite all time Jets.
  3. One of my favorite Jets! Amazing how much better the offensive line looked when he played instead of O'Brien.
  4. Since this a Jets and football site, my view is OJ Simpson is arguably the best RB of all time. A strong case can also be made for Jim Brown. I despise revisionist history which unfortunately is common in today's society.
  5. That’s a horrible proposal and nothing more than a money grab for the owners. That means the best players aren’t playing a full season, what’s the point of that? I’m not paying top dollar for backups to play 2 games. Keep it at 16.
  6. One of the most underrated HCs. He took over a sh*tshow in 1977 and without benefit of free agency he methodically improved the Jets to the AFC Championship game in 1982. His firing after the 1982 season was an unfortunate crossroad for this franchise. RIP, coach.
  7. The correct answer is option 2. Think about the 2002 season when we needed them to beat Miami. When the score was posted on the scoreboard there was a thunderous applause in the Meadowlands.
  8. The Jets opened the season at Shea against Miami and got blown out. The game the Jets should have won against the Dolphins was the December game in Miami. Bobby Jackson had the game ending interception in his hands and dropped the ball. The last game of the season the Jets played awful against a bad Chiefs team thus ensuring they would be on the road in the playoffs. Had they not blown that 2nd Dolphins game the championship game would have been at Shea and the mud bowl would not have happened. They have themselves to blame.
  9. If the 1972 team had a defense they would have been dangerous. One of the reasons the offense slowed down late in the year was their offensive backfield was very banged up. Riggins was hurt and Boozer was also injured, he tried to play through it but wasn't effective.
  10. They will wear green against the Bills, black against the Browns and white against the Cowboys.
  11. The traffic at the Meadowlands on gameday sucks!!! Is this place closed on game days?
  12. This wouldn't have happened under Biden's watch....oh wait a minute!

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