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    Beating the Jaguars in the '98 playoffs; Beating the Chargers in the '09 playoffs and beating the Patriots in the '10 playoffs.
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    The Cleveland Browns playoff game in the 1986 Divisional Round. Also losing to the Steelers in the 2004 Divisioanl Round.
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    Yes, 9 years old. I remember watching the game.

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  1. I’m not saying McCown is so great, but you have who you have. You play the best players at each position. I still feel at some point Petty will play either do to injury or late season losses. To me, this off season MUST bring in a long term solution. These “stopgaps” are like spinning our wheels.
  2. Then ignore it. You are entitled to your opinion but obviously are not tolerant of others.
  3. Bye Week Blues

    You win the honsety award.
  4. McCown is the best QB on the team right now so he should play. Petty is not a realistic option to be the long term starter and Hackenberg looked lost in the preseason. I would stick with McCown for the time being, also because with young players on the Jets you don't want not make losing as an easily accepted option. The Jets must address a long term solution at QB. No more stop gaps, but that should come this off season.
  5. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    I agree. Definition of insanity, trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
  6. Bowles Sees no Need to Play Young QB’s

    Look I think Petty should play also. I just don't think it's the major issue some are making it. The Jets MUST bring in a real solution for the QB position next season. No more stopgaps. As for Petty, it would be nice to see him play, but it appears the organization is not to high on him.
  7. Bowles Sees no Need to Play Young QB’s

    My God, Petty is a 4th round pick. Let’s not overblow the situation. Lol
  8. Bowles Sees no Need to Play Young QB’s

    Maybe he thinks they aren’t good enough to play. If so, why play them.
  9. Fan do this all the time. This is a week to week league, you can’t write off the next 4 weeks. The Jets have been very competitive at home and bad on the road.
  10. It depends how they end 4-12. Do they play like the Giants did today?
  11. The offense was totally inept today. Highlighted by a horrible performance by the Oline. Josh McCown also showed why he is a career journeyman. At 4-6, especially with the bye week upon us, it is now time to go to Petty.
  12. If the Cardinals were the Jets you wouldn't be as positive about them.
  13. There may be more out there, just wanted a peek at one of his preseason games.
  14. Adams and Maye have made a huge difference on our defensive backfield. Adams was a terrific pick in the 1st round.