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    Beating the Jaguars in the '98 playoffs; Beating the Chargers in the '09 playoffs and beating the Patriots in the '10 playoffs.
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    Yes, since 1978
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    The Cleveland Browns playoff game in the 1986 Divisional Round. Also losing to the Steelers in the 2004 Divisioanl Round.
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    Yes, 9 years old. I remember watching the game.

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  1. The Jets should have made the playoffs in 1988. They blew two games they should have won against the Chiefs (tied 1 and lost 1)! Also Hess extended Walton two years the day after the horrible Chief loss in KC which eliminated the Jets. If JetNation were around in 1988 I would have loved to have read the posts about that!
  2. Correct. If Tony Mandarich were a 4th round pick, he wouldnt be a bust, he did play 7 years in the NFL. However, considering where he was draftred, he was a major disappointment.
  3. In reference to Steve Gutman (from many years ago)I think he's still alive!
  4. Brady is the Luke Falk of the links!
  5. I have confidence in JD that he will handle it in a professional manner. I’m very confident the deal will get done at the appropriate time, which may not be till next off season. In addition I can’t see how Dallas is interested in a trade as they have to pay their QB, which has been a very difficult negotiation.
  6. This is a non story. We now have a competent GM who knows that you don’t trade the most talented player on the team. This contract will get done at the proper time.
  7. I agree with you, I'm responding to another poster who claims Belichick was not here prior to Parcells. I don't believe Belichick would have had the success here he had with NE do to Brady.
  8. We had Belichick PRIOR to Parcells. He was hired as HC until Parcell's contract with NE expired. The Jets ended up trading 4 draft picks to get him sooner.

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