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    Beating the Jaguars in the '98 playoffs; Beating the Chargers in the '09 playoffs and beating the Patriots in the '10 playoffs.
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    Yes, since 1978
  • What Jets memory broke your heart?
    The Cleveland Browns playoff game in the 1986 Divisional Round. Also losing to the Steelers in the 2004 Divisioanl Round.
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    Yes, 9 years old. I remember watching the game.

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  1. JetsFanatic

    Francesa talking Jets fans off the ledge

    Mike makes a lot of sense. I felt before the season we would win 6-8 games and as long as Darnold develops it's a successful season. I also agree I wouldn't pay Williams a lot of money.
  2. JetsFanatic

    Todd Haley in 2019

    Haley in 2019? Why because the Browns won last night? Lol
  3. JetsFanatic

    This Game Broke Me

    I've been a Jets fan since 1968, this game barely gets an honorary mention in the litany of games that have broken my heart.
  4. Mid 1970s & Mid 1990s were much much much lower than this.
  5. JetsFanatic

    Leonard Williams is flirting with busthood

    I agree with your premise about signing both, my recollection was that MAc tried to keep him but the Giants gave him a huge above market contract because they were so far under the cap. I also agree that Mac should be pro-active and sign players to extensions prior to the expiration of their contract. Right I would hope he can extend Enunwa before he hits FA.
  6. JetsFanatic

    Game Observations (CLE)

    Very good analysis!!!
  7. JetsFanatic

    Leonard Williams is flirting with busthood

    In fairness, any GM would have signed Mo over Snacks. Snacks is a pure run stopper who does not get sacks. Mo was coming off a big season and never gave any indication that he would dog it once he got paid. I liked Snacks but the Giants paid him top dollar. Mac can be criticized for much, but not this.
  8. Give Jets fans more credit. You put poll up the day after a tough loss. Glad Darnold is leading because he is the youngest of the bunch, and he is going through the growing process. Baker will have his share of growimg pains too. BTW, the Jets have to bring in a true offensive playmaker to help Darnold out.
  9. JetsFanatic

    McCown anyone?

    I am as upset as anyone, but let’s not be ridiculous. Darold is our QB. This is part of the process.
  10. JetsFanatic

    Sam, Quincy, Bilal

    Absolutely. Darnold is the brightest part of the team.
  11. JetsFanatic

    Jets Waive ArDarius Stewart

    Correct, had he he stayed at 6 he would have had no chance. It worked out.

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