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    Actually, in style, the QB that always reminded me of Namath was Marino. That is why I was disappointed the Jets passed on Marino, he had the same drop back and quick release style Namath had.
  2. JetsFanatic


    Taking nothing away from Mayfield, I love Darnold ! He is two years younger than Mayfield and didn't have the talent around him in his rookie year that Mayfield had to work with. Looking forward to their match-up un September.
  3. JetsFanatic


    Nice to see I'm not the only one old enough to remember Namath!
  4. It ain’t going to be Robin Roberts. I usually watch NFL Network.
  5. JetsFanatic

    This we know....WRs hate Jeremy Bates

    I never understood the Bates hire. IMO there was no reason to fire Morton after the 2017 season.
  6. JetsFanatic


    Best Safety in league and this poster wants to trade him. Embarrassing thread for this site.
  7. JetsFanatic

    Super Homer Dream Draft! Traaaaaaades

    Good movie, but the Draft Day trades were beyond ridiculous.
  8. I agree with you. The new logo has grown on me also. I love the helmet on the new uniforms.
  9. JetsFanatic

    Best photos of new unis

    Amazing isn't it. Some "fans" just live to mock this team.
  10. It's called being a fan! I'll be buying stuff today!
  11. I didn't think Morton did a bad job in 2017. I never understood the change from Morton to Bates.
  12. JetsFanatic

    Poll: 2018 Uniforms vs 2019 Uniforms

    I loved our old uniforms, but this franchise needed a rebranding. I think the new uniforms are sharp and hopefully we win immediately to really change the identity of this team.
  13. JetsFanatic

    ESPN Poll on uniforms has surprising results

    I was at the event, the new uniforms are nice particularly the helmet. You can’t please everyone and the people that don’t like them will make the loudest noise.
  14. JetsFanatic

    Best photos of new unis

    I was at the event. I was very close to the players. Honestly the uniforms look really good live. Much better than the leaked photos.
  15. I am a PSL owner in section 131, not a club, I bid and won on two seats tonight.
  16. Time for a new chapter!!!
  17. Going tonight looking forward to it. I hope I meet Chris Johnson so I can shake his hand.
  18. JetsFanatic

    Do you like the leaked Helmet Logo?

    Ironic, because I remember in 1978 when they went to the green helmets, one of the reasons they cited was at the time all the teams in their division (the Patriots, Dolphins, Bills & Colts) all had white helmets so they thought wearing green would improve the QBs ability to pick out the Jets receivers.
  19. JetsFanatic

    Do you like the leaked Helmet Logo?

    I just thought I would critique the whole package. 🙂
  20. JetsFanatic

    Do you like the leaked Helmet Logo?

    LOL! I like the black jersey! As a matter of fact, if these are real (I still have some doubt), I'm ordering a black CJ Mosley jersey.
  21. JetsFanatic

    Do you like the leaked Helmet Logo?

    It's actually growing on me.
  22. JetsFanatic

    Do you like the leaked Helmet Logo?

    I voted yes because I like the green helmets. The logo is not great, but it's not terrible either.
  23. Reading some of these posts are hysterical. What a bunch of whiners.

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