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  1. Hopefully Uzomah is healthy!!
  2. I’m not sure what’s delusional about Flacco. We had an exciting victory which he played a nice game. Can we enjoy it a bit?
  3. In fairness he also put two punts inside the 20. I just wish he would be more consistent. There are games he is quite good and there are times he isn’t so good.
  4. If Flacco continues to play well and the Jets win, of course he will stay with Flacco. Wins matter and the players themselves would probably be upset if he doesn’t play the QB that deserves to start.
  5. We have a lot of young talent
  6. I’ve never seen a more stunned crowd. They were celebrating the victory. When we left the stadium all the Browns fans were in stunned silence.
  7. I was at the game. So glad I didn’t leave when Chubb scored. The Browns fans were dancing to music, all of sudden Flacco hits Davis for the TD and feeling started to change. When we recovered the onside kick I just knew we were going to score. What a feeling!!!
  8. Was there yesterday. It is a great place to watch a game.
  9. Currently at JFK heading out to Cleveland to root our boys on.
  10. Amazing how heartbreaking the Chargers lose games. Herbert was really something on that last drive considering the pain he must have been in.
  11. Amazing, every thread turns into a discussion on Wilson. Frankly it’s idiotic, but there are posters that make trolls proud. Secondly, the Chargers lose games in excruciating ways.
  12. He’s not fine. I thought he just got the wind knocked out if him, but he must have some kind of rib or chest injury. He was really wincing on the play he came back in.
  13. Don’t forget Wayne Gretzky
  14. Its not a good record. I still think the jury is out on Saleh. IMO, the Jets must be competitive this season with a minimum of 6 or 7 wins. We must be in games going into the 4th quarter. I will give him till midseason before I melt down.
  15. So the players get credit for wins and Saleh gets credit for loses.
  16. Francesa is confused, those rumblings were actually his stomach.
  17. This is not going to be a popular post but the only way this losing cycle is going to stop is giving Douglas and Saleh time to turn things around. Another firing and starting over solves nothing. Douglas took over a swamp and did the right thing by tearing all down. The rebuild has started. This year I would expect at least 6 or 7 wins and competitive games. We've only played one game and how often have we seen that first game and week of the season as an outlier from the rest of the season? Lets wait at least till half way through this season before we melt down. It's not Saleh or Douglas's fault this franchise has been a loser for a decade.
  18. If the Jets did this clock management, I would pay to see the posts on this board.
  19. I found myself rooting for Seattle tonight
  20. That was not a first down. Rather than challenge I would have asked them to measure again. Their was a little space between the ball and first down marker
  21. That is a step in the right direction. Hopefully he will be ready for the Steelers
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