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  1. That’s a horrible proposal and nothing more than a money grab for the owners. That means the best players aren’t playing a full season, what’s the point of that? I’m not paying top dollar for backups to play 2 games. Keep it at 16.
  2. One of the most underrated HCs. He took over a sh*tshow in 1977 and without benefit of free agency he methodically improved the Jets to the AFC Championship game in 1982. His firing after the 1982 season was an unfortunate crossroad for this franchise. RIP, coach.
  3. The correct answer is option 2. Think about the 2002 season when we needed them to beat Miami. When the score was posted on the scoreboard there was a thunderous applause in the Meadowlands.
  4. The Jets opened the season at Shea against Miami and got blown out. The game the Jets should have won against the Dolphins was the December game in Miami. Bobby Jackson had the game ending interception in his hands and dropped the ball. The last game of the season the Jets played awful against a bad Chiefs team thus ensuring they would be on the road in the playoffs. Had they not blown that 2nd Dolphins game the championship game would have been at Shea and the mud bowl would not have happened. They have themselves to blame.
  5. If the 1972 team had a defense they would have been dangerous. One of the reasons the offense slowed down late in the year was their offensive backfield was very banged up. Riggins was hurt and Boozer was also injured, he tried to play through it but wasn't effective.
  6. They will wear green against the Bills, black against the Browns and white against the Cowboys.
  7. The traffic at the Meadowlands on gameday sucks!!! Is this place closed on game days?
  8. This wouldn't have happened under Biden's watch....oh wait a minute!
  9. I think the new helmets are great. I actually like the new uniforms. Nothing against the classics we were wearing but the team needed a rebranding and the new design is pretty good.
  10. Good point! Though for most of my life I've been leaning towards Mary Ann!
  11. I wasn't sure how many of you guys were old enough to even know what I was asking! LOL!
  12. The problem with Foley was he often was injured and played inconsistently. This thread is based on the best game of his career against the 49ers. There was more than one game when he was benched for playing poorly. Plus he had no right questioning why Parcells benched him because he was playing terribly against a bad Rams team.
  13. The Jets had great talent in the early to mid 1980's.
  14. Included in this show is a nice tribute to one of the best HCs the Jets ever had, Walt Michaels. He took over a joke of a team in 1977 and by time he was replaced they were in the AFC Title Game in the 1982 season. He built the team without benefit of Free Agency. Slowly and methodically through the draft.
  15. Foley pissed off Parcells in 1998 after he was benched for poor play against the Rams, he implied that non football considerations were involved in his benching. Testeverde relieved him and played great the rest of the season. Testeverde also was very durable and never missed a game do to injury, so Parcells shipped out Foley after the season.
  16. He didn’t know what he was talking about. He was picking against the Jets from very early in the season, by the end of the year the Jets were decimated with injuries which caught up with them.
  17. You have more faith than me, I hope you are right but I think it is going to be a cluster f*ck. Much like the time Seffarien-Jenkins TD turned into a Patriots touchback because the ball rolled so slightly that the naked eye missed it.
  18. Because there is contact on virtually every pass play. In the last two minutes of a close game when a team is passing to get down the field there will be stopages after virtually every play. Although the NFL states only clear and obvious pass interference will be reviewed, mark my word they will review and overturn even tictac plays. Instant replay sounds great in theory but stinks in practice.

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