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  1. Calm down, what’s he supposed to say? Trust me Mike White would have to totally go off the rails not to start. As long he plays well it’s his job.
  2. The wind won’t be bad. According the news this morning, it will be out if the south 5mpr. Rain with little wind actually helps the passing game. The rain should be heavier in the 2nd half.
  3. What’s your point? We are all rooting for the Jets to win. If we win, do you really care who our QB is? I don’t
  4. I’m a Jets fan, not a Zach fan or a White fan. I root for whoever our QB is.
  5. The weather conditions are not expected to be great on Sunday.
  6. Always nice to see the Patriots lose
  7. Any real Jets fan was rooting for Zach to succeed. Now Mike White is our starter and am rooting for him to succeed.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving to the entire Board and your families. Also thankful for meaningful football during the holidays.
  9. We are 6-4 and in the playoff hunt, don’t be surprised if Flacco starts
  10. My thoughts on Zach: I haven’t given up on Zach. The big issue is that the Jets unexpectedly got much better this year. It was anticipated that Zach and the Jets would improve gradually. Because of the leap the Jets took, a young QB like Zach is now holding them back because of his struggles. IMO, there is no sugarcoating his poor performance against the Patriots which cost us a very important game. He then compounded his poor performance with a disastrous press conference that turned the team against him. It put Saleh in the position where he had to put a scare into Zach about losing his job. I wouldn’t be surprised if Zach starts Sunday, but he has to take accountability and the Jets do not want him to cost them the playoffs. If he does start he will be in a short leash because the Jets must win this game.
  11. Its actually to scare Zach. To this point he's been entitled. Whether or not he actually benches Zach, he is lighing a fire under his a$$.
  12. “You are benching Zach, right Coach?”
  13. The problem is no one thought the Jets were going to be contenders this year. Now we have a young QB holding us back. A young QB that is playing like garbage.
  14. I’ve been a stubborn ZW supporter, but he was horrible, absolutely horrible today. This is too good a team to be held back by the QB. Go get a veteran QB in the off season
  15. I’ll take Zach over Fields.
  16. Yes they would. If Tua were a Jet he would have gotten killed on this board prior to this season. Zach will be fine.
  17. Allen killed the Bills with turnovers, but a real weapon with his legs
  18. It wasn’t a fluke win at all
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