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  1. It wasn't close. With all the talent surrounding O'Brien, he never won a post season game.
  2. O’Brien wasn’t very good other than 1985 and the first 11 games of 1986. Pennington was the better QB.
  3. Pennington, when healthy, was the better QB. With all the talent O’Brien had around him, he never won a post season game. O’Brien was a statue, he had No football instincts. O’Brien would throw the ball away on 4th down rather than run for it. I would take Pennington anytime over Kenny.
  4. Why? If you’re not willing give a young QB time develop. Zach is going to be our QB for a long time.
  5. Robert Saleh is an excellent HC. While this is a very talented team it is also a very young team. They came together quick and coaching deserves some credit. Also considering the injuries and lack of continuity of the offensive line it is impressive how good they have performed.
  6. I’m a little surprised. Overall he did OK there. I don’t think they have a very good team. Matt Ryan was a huge disappointment for them.
  7. Zach outplayed Josh Allen in yesterday’s game.
  8. The Jets can be a great team and their fans can post idiotic things. Both can be true.
  9. Knock it off already. We beat the best team in football and Zach played an important role. I’m sick of this idiocy.
  10. Robinson also added today as questionable for knee soreness
  11. You also in the Zach sucks crowd?
  12. O’Brien wasn’t a very good QB, though he had a great arm. He had no football instincts at all. He was statue that got sacked 62 times in 1985, would throw the ball away on 4th down rather than running for a first down.
  13. Frankly the best case scenario is Zach develops and is our QB in 2023.
  14. He had an open field and easily would have had the first down. I agree, this may have been Zach’s worst play. We would have had a first down deep in Patriots territory.
  15. I think Mosley is sincere. Zach was the 2nd pick in the draft. No way they are going to give up on him this quick. I’m not sure if Zach will pan out but I think you have to stick with him at this point. Hopefully they bounce back Sunday.
  16. Is this really your first home game? Have a great time!
  17. People look at the 2020 draft and it certainly doesn’t appear to be JD’s strongest, however he gets credit for Huff who was undrafted FA.
  18. It’s a joke!!! My God where is the sense humor? I’ve been a Jets fan since 1968 and a season ticket holder since 1978. I’ll be at the Bills game! We can’t laugh at ourselves????
  19. Make sure you wrap up your tail gate by noon so you can watch a three and out and a twenty yard punt.
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