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  1. I don’t want Rodgers. It’s ok to suck on another team? This is why it’s hard to take these posts seriously after a bad loss.
  2. While we will never know, I don’t agree. The Jets have a solid defense, and as bad as Zach was yesterday, he probably would have been able to play in the 2nd half with a 17-3 lead like he did in Green Bay and Denver (manage the game and be conservative.) The Patriots would have had to take more chances on offense rather than play back and feast off our mistakes.
  3. I would trade a 1 for this guy: He’s only 26; He is a premier pass rusher; we are not going to have a top 10 pick; we would have the best defense in football. At 5-3 we are still in the playoff race. I know we are coming off a bad loss but this season isn’t over and even if we don’t make it this year, Chubb will be with us for seasons to come.
  4. The defense did not cost us this game. I admit JFM made a killer selfish play but other than that they were solid. Special Teams and our QB killed us.
  5. The worst part of an horrific loss are the horrific threads that follow.
  6. https://twitter.com/briancoz/status/1586742506036797442?s=46&t=duprTBnmhTL9QBV7YKUSPA
  7. Positive: 4-0 as starter; hasn’t turned the ball over in 3 of 4 starts; avoids sacks; mobile QB.
  8. Neither Zach nor Trevor Lawrence stink. For a lot of fans if you aren’t an all pro by your third start you are a bust.
  9. I was just having fun. I love watching the Patriots lose.
  10. Where are all the Zappe fans??? I guess they all went to bed!
  11. Nice to hear good things about the Jets on National TV.
  12. I don’t know, I just love watching them lose.
  13. It’s hysterical. They do this all the time
  14. I read these posts for entertainment. You guys actually think you know what you are talking about. You guys loved Mac Jones last year. Lol
  15. I agree. I can smell a troll one hundred miles away.
  16. I think you post just to agitate. I don’t even think you are a Jets fan. Your threads are frankly idiotic.
  17. They like him on special teams. Jeff Smith also is a good special teamer. That’s why they are on the active roster.
  18. You are right. A true Jets fan should thrilled, but as the Doors once sang people are strange!
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