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  1. You're just butthurt from the last game. If it wasn't for the first quote I would go with this. You're all idiots. Turns out I have no personality past a few catchphrases.
  2. Heh, that sounds about right. Hehe I'm not surprised to find out you tip above your wages. How did "her" penis feel btw? Claim: VT. Heh.
  3. Name your price. Over-explaination on an under-warranted vote. Vote JC
  4. You two are such ******* douches. Can't even get your sh*t together on a VC. This game is going to be unbalanced as hell! -Verbalicious
  5. Based I every time I've seen her? She has a great... Personality. vote ape
  6. 80 already ****ed this game up. Waiting on inactives.. Really?
  7. With the cop dead, you had every reason to try to clear yourselves as "masons" and coast to endgame.
  8. "wasn't allowed to literally say who the scum was, which is what he did with me"
  9. JF80 just slipped and admitted he is scum. unvote Vote JF80
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