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  1. Everyone all game has said how scummy Lily has played, and now she tries to point fingers at me. You guys do the math.
  2. Let's leave the uncountered doc claim alone and go back to 80, then Unvote Vote 80
  3. I don't feel good about Lily, but I always think she's scummy. Nobody else wants to vote CTM with me?
  4. You know how Verbal feels about that. But maybe we could.... naw. Better not. I forgot. 80 doesn't like boobs.
  5. But if I hug you, my big boobs will get in the way.
  6. Why not? I'll vote for Tom just to move this along. Claim, please. Vote Tom
  7. I don't like this post. It seems like he's protesting too hard. I hesitate to place a vote there, in case he is telling the truth. I'm having trouble playing this game without the meta that I'm used to. I'm going to wait and see how the day goes. Meanwhile, I have these big boobs.
  8. What a coincidence. I don't, either. I just have these big boobs.
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