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  1. *Puts tinfoil hat on* This is a coelacanth. It was thought to be extinct five million years ago before its rediscovery in 1938. The first time a live specimen was caught on video came in the last decade or so. This is exhibit number one according to cryptozoologist nerds. Could it mean that Aquaman is a real thing? Probably.
  2. Yeah, it's kind of a hard sell considering that the vast majority of the continent has at least some degree of permanent residents in it. That said, there is a lot of "wilderness" land up in Canada, and some of the forests in the Northwest are dense enough for a breeding population of Bigfoot (Bigfeet?) to reside if they're secretive enough. One interesting point in addition: I was watching one of those dumbass Bigfoot hunting shows on the History Channel (or something similar) a while back, and they did an experiment showing how quickly a dead animal is consumed by predators, bugs, maggots and all that junk out in the wild. They did time-lapse footage of a dead deer and the corpse was completely gone in a matter of days. That was their reasoning as to why no one had ever discovered a dead Bigfoot.
  3. Bombdirt

    Goal: 200,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    When I'm checking out the JetNation thread that has 7.3 million views, nothing beats the cool, refreshing taste of Budweiser beer. It's got a pleasant aroma and no aftertaste; a great way to finish off the day. Okay Budweiser, now give me free sh*t.
  4. Bombdirt

    Goal: 200,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    I just noticed this thread has 7.3 million views. That's got to be a sh*tload of ad revenue for @Maxman. I bet he's on his yacht right now like
  5. If you have a bit of time to watch, this is pretty good. Perhaps fittingly, the Sasquatch gets his leg caught in a trap a minute or two into the video.
  6. I'm pretty open-minded when it comes to cryptozoology, but this story sounds a little nutty--especially the part about ripping a dude's head off. Still, your summary is a fun read.
  7. Bombdirt

    Goal: 200,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    Watching the Yankees postgame on the local NBC feed out of Chicago. I just met Leila Rahimi. Hello. Thing is, she's actually a really good lead anchor. I'm sitting here watching this White Sox-slanted postgame bulls*t way longer than necessary because she's making it interesting. I'm a fan.
  8. Bombdirt

    Goal: 200,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    Mel Kipurr agrees... Furst round draft pick... He'll be a great addition to the defensive feline. Or to the offensive cattack. ... .. ... ...