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    The Jets, Knicks, Yankees and Rangers dictate my mood on a day-to-day basis. As far as other stuff, I like rock music, playing guitar, writing, Xbox One gaming and movies.

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  1. Pretty terrible after about mid-March since my job relies on sports being a thing, but better over the last month or so. ljr reached out a couple weeks back so I figured I'd check in on the crew again; I missed you guys. What's new with you and the JN crew these days?
  2. Man, I haven't posted on here in forever. How's it going, fellow disgruntled Jets fans?
  3. Somehow, this makes me want to play the game even more:
  4. I used to be in a band with a guy who played harp. He was also our guitarist/singer (and very good at both) so he only filled in with it on certain songs. Which was nice because it helped cover up my sh*tty bass playing. Here's an example of one song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsaVmynnQ20 In any case, he just ran the harp through his vocal mic, and it sounded fine. But I could imagine filling out the sound through a separate rig if you're a regular player. That makes me wonder: what is the advantage to a "specialized" harp pedal? Couldn't you get pretty much every tone possible out of a guitar pedal?
  5. I actually like the idea of a JetNation mascot. Maybe like a little anthropomorphic cartoony character that appeals to the kids--and the immature adults like myself.
  6. No way. I didn't know about all that Google stuff. That sucks. If you want, I can start up a posse with some of the other people from the site, then we can go down to Google headquarters and rough up some nerds until we get answers.
  7. So what kind of yacht are you going to buy with all the ad revenue?
  8. Prove it. I wanna see a receipt and security camera documentation. Those amps are the sh*t. If you really did buy one, I want to come dry-hump it.
  9. Hey hey hey this is most certainly NOT the place for good fun humor. We'll have none of that here! Being a tight-assed crazy person seems to be a requirement, though.
  10. Crap, wait. I see it now. Does that thing have frog legs? Or am I six beers too far gone?* You could get a twelve-week History Channel special out of that one shot. *"Probably" and "Probably" are the correct answers to these questions.
  11. Can I be in charge while you're gone? I want to impress chicks with that sweet, sweet Admin tag. I promise not to get drunk on power or anything.
  12. That sounds like a really nice idea. I personally am going to snort enough chloroform to knock myself out until Monday morning. I can't handle any more snide texts and comments from my asshoIe friends.
  13. I don't see a reason to change it; you've lived there for a very long time and will always have ties to the area. IMO RaleighJetsFan would be a little too close to Rutgers' name. People might confuse the two of you. (Which actually might be fun now that I think about it, but I digress.) A bunch of my in-laws live in NC and they love it. (They're right on the coast by where the worst of the hurricane hit; they all made it through okay thank God.) From what I've seen NC seems like a good place for live music, so you should have a blast in Raleigh.
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