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  1. Yeah, it's kind of a hard sell considering that the vast majority of the continent has at least some degree of permanent residents in it. That said, there is a lot of "wilderness" land up in Canada, and some of the forests in the Northwest are dense enough for a breeding population of Bigfoot (Bigfeet?) to reside if they're secretive enough. One interesting point in addition: I was watching one of those dumbass Bigfoot hunting shows on the History Channel (or something similar) a while back, and they did an experiment showing how quickly a dead animal is consumed by predators, bugs, maggots and all that junk out in the wild. They did time-lapse footage of a dead deer and the corpse was completely gone in a matter of days. That was their reasoning as to why no one had ever discovered a dead Bigfoot.
  2. If you have a bit of time to watch, this is pretty good. Perhaps fittingly, the Sasquatch gets his leg caught in a trap a minute or two into the video.
  3. I'm pretty open-minded when it comes to cryptozoology, but this story sounds a little nutty--especially the part about ripping a dude's head off. Still, your summary is a fun read.
  4. I actually like Nebraska quite a bit--what I've seen of it anyway. I've driven to Omaha a few times over the years for 311 shows, and have never had an unwelcoming experience from the locals.
  5. This seems like a good opportunity to regale everyone who's reading this on a phone while sitting on the toilet with a personal story as to how I became a Jets fan. I'm from Illinois, born and raised. I live in an area dominated by Bears fans, alongside a healthy contingent of Colts folks mixed in for good measure. Every so often I see dudes in Packers gear as well. Point is, it's not the most eclectic location in the world sports-wise. When I was growing up, the afterglow of the Bears' '85 championship and the presence of Michael Jordan on the basketball court caused all of my schoolmates to be overly boisterous about their sports teams, and it seemed like everybody was down with Chicago. My natural instinct when faced with that kind of groupthink, I've come to realize, is to be a total contrarian. All of my friends' verbal jacking off over Jordan, the Bears and the Cubs (even when the Cubs were complete sh*t) drove me toward other teams, specifically the Knicks since they were one of the bigger thorns in the Bulls' proverbial side during the 90s. Thus I became a fan of New York basketball, which led to me rooting for the city's teams across all sports. Interestingly enough, one of the motivating factors for me choosing the Jets over the Giants was that I could find all kinds of cheap Jets gear at the local sporting goods store. Jets stuff was always on clearance because no one wanted it for some reason. In any case, I settled on the Jets, Knicks, Yankees and Rangers. Outside of the Yankees' World Series wins during the subsequent period, I've been miserable ever since. I can't imagine myself rooting for any other teams, though. I guess I'm loyal to a fault. So anyway, to answer your question: I'm from Illinois. I've never even been to New York. It's on my Official List of Stuff to Do Before I Go Senile, though. Gotta see all my teams play on their home turf and meet a few of you fine folks in person.
  6. I would say most definitely. Then again I'm from the Midwest so everything outside the confines of a soybean field confuses and frightens me.
  7. Eel sauce sounds pretty tasty. I usually like the salty/sweet combo. So an Alaska roll is basically like a California roll but with smoked salmon, right?
  8. How do I know what fish is suitable for making sushi? (Probably a dumb question but I am brand new to all of this.) My concern is that I won't be able to get much of anything that's super-fresh or high quality since I live so far inland.
  9. I have heard of sashimi, and after looking up spider and Godzilla rolls I think I would probably like all three of those. Finding a good sushi spot is the hard part for me, as I don't really have too many options that I know of around me. I might try doing a Google search and see if there's anything within reasonable driving distance. Another wrench in the plan is the fact that my wife is deathly allergic to shellfish and tends to avoid seafood places out of safety. Never been to DC but if I ever get out that way you've got yourself a date, mister.
  10. I live in Flyover Country, and not very close to any major metropolitan areas, so needless to say I don't have much experience with sushi. The only type I've ever tried are California rolls, and even though they aren't fresh or anything (I get them from the frozen section of the grocery store), I really like them.* Anyway, here's my issue: I'd like to try other types of sushi but I don't have regular access to good seafood restaurants so I can't really experiment. I'd be open to making some myself but I'm not sure where to start. Making my own California rolls probably wouldn't be too hard but I don't know where to go after that. I figured I'd come here for suggestions since a lot of you live on the coast or near larger cities and have probably had sushi a million times. Any input or recommendations would be appreciated. * - And I do realize that California rolls are like the Cleveland Browns of sushi, but hey, they're good and I don't have much else to work with out here.
  11. If I still had my truck I'd be doing this.
  12. Hell of a story man. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you’ve been through some tough stuff but came out better for it on the other side.
  13. Me not smart at math, but I would think you'd need the dimensions of the container (and it looks like it tapers a bit toward the bottom) as well as a rough estimate of the average height of the pile of bases in the container for the best guess possible. Can you find any of that out?
  14. I'll do it. I'm on this damn site all the time anyway.
  15. It's great that you're owning it and committed to the process. I've been in that scenario many a time; putting in a hard day's work and "rewarding" myself with a couple of beers. Thing is, that couple of beers turns into a 12-pack and a rough morning the next day. There's a good group of people here and we can help hold each other accountable in situations like this. We're here if you need support or encouragement. Good luck to you.
  16. Ah, yes. The most hallowed and holy day of the year. Have a good one, gentlemen. May we all receive Jets-themed neckties.
  17. FC5 is in my backlog of games to try but if it's that lame and repetitive I'll probably push it further down the list. I've played FC3 and it was okay--haven't gotten around to FC4 either though.
  18. I liked RE7 more than I thought I would. I'm a longtime fanboy of the series and I thought the switch to first-person would be a deal-breaker but I did enjoy it. My favorite is still RE6 though; I'm one of the few people who really loved that one apparently.
  19. A lot of good replies and advice here, and I’ll throw in one more thought. I’ve been a binge drinker on and off for the better part of 20 years, and the thing that makes quitting for any extended period of time difficult is that there’s always an excuse to pick up that bottle, and it’s never hard to justify it in your own mind. Sunday afternoon? Crack a few beers while you watch the Jets. Wednesday night? Had a rough day at work; need to blow off some steam. Friday? Going out with friends; gotta have a few drinks so we can have more fun. Etc., etc., etc... Making matters worse, if you’re like me you can’t just hang out and have a couple of drinks then go home; you have to drink 18 beers and stay until the bar closes. I think part of succeeding in staying away from it comes by finding reasons not to drink, be it your family, your health or whatever. Even then it will probably be something you’ll wrestle with for the rest of your life. I wish you the best.
  20. It's a frustrating situation; I've been through it myself. Mental illness is tough, since (in most situations) legally you can't force someone into treatment if they don't want to do it.
  21. Cool! Does this mean I can order my herpes medication directly from you?
  22. Serious question: how in the world do you find the time to stay as active as you do, keep abreast of all things sports/trivia/pop culture and still find time to hold down a job, a relationship and you know, sleep? I'm genuinely impressed, my friend. Anyway, back on topic (kind of), I also will throw out a thumbs-up for boxing. It's a great workout and stress-reliever. I've been messing with a heavy bag on and off for about a year and I just ordered a speed bag, which I'm really looking forward to getting into. I probably wouldn't ever actually step into the ring with someone else, though. Every time I consider it I always think of that Richard Pryor routine about getting his ass kicked the first time he boxed another person.
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