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  1. I can hear both; one is on the high end and the other is down low. (It's a wonder I can hear either word thanks to my raging tinnitus--I've had too much rock n' roll in my life.) I assume the stronger sound varies depending on your audio settings and/or your brain's predisposition to pitch. This reminds me of that blue dress/gold dress illusion from a couple years back. 


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  2. Nice. I just got rid of my Chevy Silverado a few months ago. bought it near-new and I loved it, but after about five years it started rusting and falling apart. I had all kinds of mechanical issues with it too. Definitely would not get that make/model again. 

    I do miss having a truck, though. 

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  3. On 1/13/2018 at 5:38 PM, CTM said:

    anyone know about this monster hunter thing?  Seems to have some buzz

    I picked up "Monster Hunter World" yesterday. I'm a little late to the party on it. First impressions: 

    1. There is a loooooot of information to digest. 

    2. The learning curve is pretty steep; I've been playing for a whole day and I still don't have any idea what half my stuff is for or how to do much of anything. 

    3. The formula to this game seems to be pretty simple: hunt monster, kill monster, make better stuff from monster's loot, hunt bigger monster, wash, rinse, repeat. I wonder if I'll get tired of the repetition. 

    4. It seems to play pretty well; it's a good-looking and engaging game with a ton of stuff to discover. 


  4. 4 hours ago, joewilly12 said:

    What was the decision?  

    Not 100 percent sure yet but I think we're going with a fence/bush combination. I may get fancy and add a fake security camera. 

    I'll post pics when I finish... but with the way I procrastinate doing projects, that may be a while. 

  5. I'm looking to fill up my summer reading list, and I'd like to put a couple of Jets-themed books on there. Can anyone recommend a good biography of a player or a history-type book about the Jets in general? 

    I see Namath has a handful of books, and I've been meaning to read Maynard's bio for years but never got around to it. That one looks pretty interesting. 


  6. Great to hear you're doing well, and it's awesome you don't have to go through chemo. I've been there and I know the feeling. Chemo sucks; it took me months to recover and get back to feeling somewhat normal. 

    Best wishes to you; get back in front of that grill and work your magic. 😀

  7. 1 hour ago, Joe the Breadman said:

    Not to sound wrong but get a real dog....one that will make people absolutely stop this cut thru...people here in Texas would come unglued if strangers were cutting thru their property.


    1 hour ago, T0mShane said:

    That would drive me absolutely insane, tbh. I like the dog idea.

    I would like to get another dog, but the wife would murder me in my sleep with a rusty bayonet if I brought another one home. And my basset hound is a raging pussy who doesn't scare anybody. He spends the bulk of his time inside sleeping and lamenting the loss of his balls anyway. 

  8. Okay guys, I need a few suggestions here. 

    I live in a residential area, and I have a problem with people walking through my yard. There's a half-dozen or so dudes who live around here and walk behind my garage, using it as a shortcut to get from street to street to avoid the horrible inconvenience of going another 100 feet to the intersection.

    The open area they go through is probably 4-5 feet wide, and I was thinking of putting up a little fence or maybe a bush to block that spot off. The soil there is kind of rocky though, so it may be a pain in the ass to dig. There's a little bit of vegetation there but people just push right through it. Here's a picture of the spot: 


    Anyway, if you guys have any thoughts on what I could put there I would like to hear them. I thought about doing something underhanded like tripwire or landmines but I don't want any of the neighborhood kids to get hurt. I don't give a sh*t if kids go through there, but grown-ass adults should know better. 

    And yes, I know this is a petty issue to worry about in the grand scheme of things, but all the traffic messes up my grass and it pisses my wife off. 

  9. 42 minutes ago, chirorob said:

    I think that is the biggest mistake people make.   "I want a smart, fun dog!".   Well, smart, fun dogs require a lot of stimulation. 

    If you aren't good at training dogs (I'm not) adopt a 2-3 year old dog that is some kind of mix.   Mutts have less health issues, are a bit easier, and hopefully are at least moderately trained already.

    Yeah I hear you. I think a lot of naive people just get a dog because it "looks cute" and don't pay any attention to the breed or its tendencies. Then they're overwhelmed and the dog ends up miserable or gets sent to the shelter.

    I did a lot of research before I got my dog and weighed the pros and cons of different breeds against my lifestyle. I had a pretty good idea of what would be compatible with my family before I even started looking. I feel like a lot of people don't do that, which is a shame. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, RutgersJetFan said:

    Couldn't be further from the truth. Bloodhounds are amazing family pets and absolutely friendly but they are an extremely high maintenance breed, especially when they're puppies and young adults into adulthood. It's a breed that needs a lot of exercise because they are bred to be on the move. They also drool a LOT, all over the place, literally all the time.

    Also worth noting that if you are not experienced with dogs you will have a very hard time with them as they are a difficult breed to train.

    I think I could handle the training stuff if I did some research; my basset can be a stubborn dick sometimes and I'm convinced he would give me the finger if he could rotate his paw in that direction, but I've been working with him since puppyhood and he's usually pretty well-behaved. 

    Exercise-wise, a bloodhound sounds a bit intensive for my current situation. I can spin my dog around the neighborhood once a day and he's set. 

    Thanks for the info. 

  11. 36 minutes ago, JiF said:

    All I know about Bloodhounds I learned from:



    I've seen that movie once, but it was years ago and I've forgotten most of it. I'll have to go back and watch it again. I remember it being pretty funny. 

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  12. Does anybody have any experience being around bloodhounds? It'll probably be years down the road, but I think I might look into getting one if I outlive my wife.* They seem like a pretty good breed as far as being friendly and only needing moderate exercise. Plus, I can make a nice living on the side utilizing his tracking abilities to solve crimes. Or at least to locate other dogs' butts. 



    * Of course, this is a highly unlikely scenario. Being a Jets fan has done irreparable damage to my internal organs. Be it a heart attack or cirrhosis from chronic alcoholism, this team will kill me one day. 

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  13. 1 hour ago, joewilly12 said:

    My daughters BF family has 3 great danes they have to eat conservatively from elevated bowls or else their stomachs get twisted and surgery costs $6000 to fit it. 

    Conservatively? Well, there's another lie I learned from cartoons. I don't even know what's real anymore. 


    In all seriousness though, that makes sense. I would imagine the larger dog breeds take a lot of specialized care. I almost adopted an Irish wolfhound before I got my basset. Ultimately I decided on a smaller breed that I could outrun or carry if necessary. Would have been cool to have a wolfhound, though. Someday. 


  14. 10 hours ago, RutgersJetFan said:

    Meanwhile please enjoy this photo of a great dane protecting a 7-month old from rapists, pillagers, thieves, and murderers.


    I always wanted a hors--er, I mean a great dane. They're really cool-looking dogs. I assume they need a sh*tload of exercise and wouldn't understand the term "hangover," though. 

    That said, from the extensive canine research I've done, you can keep great danes occupied at length with towering layers of club sandwiches and Scooby Snacks. 

  15. Welp, AV is gone. I didn't mind him as a coach, but I can't say I'm surprised. The Rangers have fallen a long way since his first year. This means the team is going to be rebuilding (a.k.a. "sucking") for a few seasons. 

    Fun fact: Since New York waited until the end of the year to fire AV, this marks the first time since 1970-71 that no NHL head coach was fired during the season. 

  16. 2 hours ago, The Crimson King said:

    The only league where you'd actually want to see butt fumbles?

    LOL of course. The games are actually fun to watch and usually competitive. You almost forget the T&A aspect of it. Almost. 

    Some of these ladies could easily flatten a few Jets players; that's for damn sure. 


  17. I think I would follow the AFL more if there were a team anywhere near me; none of the active cities right now is even close. I would think arena football would do better in smaller markets with dedicated fanbases--maybe around 50k-200k city populations. The profits wouldn't be as big, but the teams would probably be able to stick around longer. A smaller city near me has a Federal Hockey League team. They have a pretty good following and the games are a blast. 

    All of that said, the team I would fully endorse and follow is one from the LFL. It's an utter travesty that New York doesn't have a team in that league anymore. 


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