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  1. Hell yeah, Road House. Terrible movie, but I still watch it whenever I catch it on TV.
  2. At what point would Bernie start to, you know, smell?
  3. Drop the zero and get with a hero:
  4. Oh, man. How did I forget this one?
  5. Dude, Where's My Car? came immediately to mind when I saw the title of the thread. Also, Starship Troopers is a great movie. Here's another one:
  6. Yes, but pics with food and women are appreciated as well.
  7. It's somehow amusing/sad that typing "Ryan Tannehill" into an image search causes Google to jump straight to "Ryan Tannehill wife" before I'm finished typing his last name. As if Google is saying, "Okay, I know what you're looking for, and it ain't passing statistics."
  8. Take lots of pictures so I can drool on my keyboard.
  9. Nice job on this one. My favorite Elton John song:
  10. Will these put me over the top?
  11. And as far as Hanson goes, I never did like their music but I can't rip on them because they wrote their own songs and played all the music themselves. They were famous millionaires at the age when I was still playing Nintendo all day and trying to figure out what a boob was, so I'll give them credit for that.
  12. Speaking of feeling old, this song was number one 20 years ago. I still don't get the whole backward-dressing thing. Too difficult to pee.
  13. "The Cleveland Show" is decent; I watch it every week. IMO, "American Dad" is funnier, though, because of Roger:
  14. Hmm...apparently not. I just looked and the page is down. I hope they bring it back.
  15. It's been doing that to me in Firefox today, too. Have to refresh to see what I posted.
  16. Yeah, it's been over twenty years since my operation, though; I was a kid when I had it. I don't remember too much about mine, but my understanding from friends and acquaintances who've had theirs more recently is that it's a relatively minor procedure nowadays. A lot depends on location, severity, overall health and all that stuff, but you can be back to normal within a few weeks.
  17. At least Cro has a little bit of money. This part is just plain sad for the kids.
  18. My gut says nine wins, but the potential is there for 10 or 11. They can plow through the back end of that schedule if the team stays healthy (and everyone manages to get along with each other). They'll drop a couple they should win, and likewise will win a couple they shouldn't. One thing's for sure: it's bound to be another entertaining season.
  19. I remember playing the first Splinter Cell way back when. I don't think I ever finished it, but I remember liking it though. I'll have to dig that one out again.
  20. Thank you for explaining. +1 repped, for what it's worth.
  21. So how did the number discrepancy between the old and new systems play out? I ask because I've seen some profiles with crazy numbers in total rep. I have just under 400 points and I feel pretty good about myself, but then I look at yours and you have over 510,000. Not that you don't deserve it, of course (you of all people should deserve it), but it would take me about 150 years of Jets futility to reach that number.
  22. And as a gamer, that's all I want: just some evil people to dispense justice upon and a little leeway to progress how I wish. I thought the plot of GTA IV was boring and repetitive for the most part, but the core freedom was there like it always has been, so I can respect that. I could do what I wanted, whenever I felt like it (which, fittingly, meant following the storyline of the game).
  23. Ideally: they're planning on running some creative blitz packages. Realistically: cuts will be made. Personally: I really hope Landry works out.
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