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  1. I had a Genesis growing up, but I've recently rediscovered the Super Nintendo. Some of my personal faves are Shadowrun, Chrono Trigger and A Link to the Past.
  2. Yeah, I loved Skyrim. It made me neglect all of my responsibilities, sleep and personal hygiene. I'm thinking of picking up Oblivion as well. Haven't tried that one yet.
  3. I've heard good things about the Fallout games. I'll probably check those out. I did rent Red Dead Redemption for a few days. It was really fun for a while, but I eventually got bored with it. Same with GTA IV. Very repetitive.
  4. I just picked up an Xbox 360 fairly recently (I don't have as much time to play as I used to, so it didn't make sense to get one until the recent price drop) so I missed out on a lot of games when they were first released. Can anyone recommend some good games to try? I'm not really a fan of first-person shooters; I'm more into stuff like GTA IV and Skyrim.
  5. Hahaha nice. I've seen some videos--I mean, this friend of mine has seen some videos that he told me about--and those things are no joke.
  6. I'm almost positive it was Chris Rock. The "hooker" thing was the kicker and I don't think he elaborated on it any further during that particular show. That being said, pretty much every comedian has made a Viagra observation, so there's a lot of material out there. Which makes me think: we should do a "Who's the best stand-up comedian?" thread if there's not one buried somewhere. There are so many good routines from Pryor, Murphy, Carlin, etc.
  7. This reminds me of a Chris Rock joke he told once about the side effects of Viagra. I'm paraphrasing, but it was something to the effect of: "If I get an erection lasting longer than four hours, I'm not calling a doctor; I'm calling a hooker."
  8. Haha, yes. Those little scoopers for shoveling almonds out of the 55-gallon barrel and into my mouth.
  9. You won't be disappointed. I just wish the cans were bigger. The little one I got was empty in about ten seconds.
  10. How come Britain gets this, and we get douchey magazines like Maxim? Anyway, I too am a fan of Blue Diamond nuts. Just had these recently and they blew my mind:
  11. This "crazy and innovative special teams plan" amounts to Tebow lining up in the backfield of the punt formation during fourth down and less than two-yard situations. We're gonna get an assload of fair catches out of it.
  12. That depends on your definition of "suck." If you thought it sucked before, then yes, it still sucks because it's pretty much the same. I on the other hand think it's awesome now because I'm here. I'm also super modest.
  13. Terrible news, he was a hell of an MC. Paul's Boutique is still one of my favorite albums.
  14. Cindy's okay. She just posts stream-of-consciousness stuff to increase the reply count. She hasn't been coming around as often lately, which sucks for me. I'll tap out way before I reach 100K worth of boobs and LOLcats. I did stumble across a bunch of Kate Upton gifs today though. I'll probably throw those in there.
  15. That thread's awesome. Go check it out; I guarantee you'll like my posts. I make sure to pepper in plenty of this: And this:
  16. I'd never advise anyone against getting married; the success and happiness part of it has a lot to do with finding the right person, obviously, but it's rewarding as long as both people work at it. I've been married six years and I'm in a better place now than when I was single. As far as the "tapering off of sexual activities" thing goes...it's not much different than any other long-term relationship. It's when you factor in kids that all that stuff really goes straight to hell.
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