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  1. I thought for sure they'd get Flynn after missing on Manning. As the days go by, Tebow seems like a more and more likely scenario. It'll be interesting to see what happens.
  2. I skated from eighth grade all the way through high school and I turned out fine. I still hop on the board every so often but I don't bend like I used to. Both my nephews skate, and they're good kids. I wouldn't worry about it. Skateboarding is much less of a "fringe" activity like it used to be in the '80s and '90s, what with the Rob Dyrdeks and the Tony Hawks giving it mainstream appeal. The vast majority of skaters are bright, well-adjusted kids.
  3. My vote is for the '98 AFC Championship Game. One of the first times I remember being truly crushed as a Jets fan.
  4. Johnson called Manning "maybe the best quarterback ever that played the game" and projected that he will sign "wherever he wants." So, he's pretty much this guy:
  5. Odd...I can't believe Campbell wouldn't want to try and compete for a starting job somewhere. There are at least a half dozen teams where he'd have a legitimate chance at making an impact. Cutler's their guy. There's no chance Campbell gets in unless Jay has a serious injury. This makes very little sense, especially in the wake of the Marshall signing. This will only encourage the Bears meatballs to boo when things go wrong, and I'm totally not looking forward to it. Meh...
  6. Also, Bergen was able to change it, as you can see (thank you Bergen, by the way). I'm fine with it as is; I'll probably leave it once I can change it, but now I'm curious as to why I can't if I should be able to. Thanks for responding.
  7. Nope. No mention of it; no option to change it; nothing. That's why I was assuming that I had to make X amount of posts before I could customize it. I tried logging out and back in, but that didn't do anything.
  8. Wow, this is kind of a surprise. I live in Illinois so I hear a lot of Bears rumors, and I don't think anyone was expecting Marshall (even with the Cutler ties); V-Jax, Meachem or Manningham sounded like more likely targets. Whatever the case, this is a good thing. If it makes the Dolphins suck more, I'll take it.
  9. Not knowing how the offense is going to look yet, I'd be happy with double-digit wins and a playoff berth at this point.
  10. I should also qualify my previous statement with: "Something that won't get me made fun of."
  11. Hmm..since I haven't been able to change it, I honestly hadn't given it much thought. It's not really that big of a deal, I was just wondering how many posts it would take to be able to customize it. I'd be up for anything that would give me an instant shot of individuality and detract from the fact that I've only posted 12 times. How about "Not a Noob" or "Non-Troll"? I'd even be fine with "Bergen Wrote This" or something along those lines. That would actually be pretty funny. If you're able to change it, thank you, by the way.
  12. I've tried that, but I don't have the "Member Title" option in my settings yet. I'm guessing it's because I'm new. Thank you for the help. Now I know what I'm looking for.
  13. I apologize if my wording in this post is cumbersome--or if this has been addressed already--but I’m not exactly sure how to correctly phrase what I’m asking. My question is about the words above my avatar. I’m assuming that I’ll be able to change them through the Profile Settings page after a certain number of posts (or from not posting in a certain number of Sanchez-themed threads), but I can’t find any definitive information about it.* I tried searching, but like I said I’m not sure how to title it so I’ve hit a dead end. I was just curious, because the words “New Kid on the Block” might as well read “Patriots Troll” or “Charlie Burkowitz Fan.” Thanks in advance! * - Also...are there additional signature settings as well? Can I upload larger pictures and lines of text as I hit certain post thresholds? Edit: This was my tenth post, and I hit "Member" status with it, so that's good. Sorry, Charlie Burkowitz.
  14. Good point. I’d say the Jets have as good a chance as anyone at getting him, but some of the other locations (Miami, Arizona, etc.) wouldn’t surprise me either. Right now, it’s all sportscaster speculation anyway. The good news is that it sounds like “Manning-Watch ‘12” will reach its conclusion sooner rather than later. I really shouldn’t be watching all the ESPN anchors talking this thing to death, but I can’t turn away. I had a bad dream last night that Suzy Kolber was interviewing a Subway employee who once sold Manning a five-dollar footlong: Kolber: “Given your intimate relationship with Peyton, where do you think he’ll ultimately land?” Subway Guy: “Um…I dunno, Montreal? Look, if you’re not gonna order anything I’m going to have to ask you to step away from the counter.” Kolber: “I smell a Peabody Award.”
  15. That's a hilarious--and uncomfortable--mental picture. When the dust settles, I'd say he's in Arizona or maybe Houston.
  16. Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone. From reading the boards, I know I should use the word "slapdick" and the phrase "sign this beast" whenever possible. Hopefully that knowledge will get me through the first couple of weeks, haha. In all seriousness, it's good to finally be posting. Happy to be here.
  17. Thanks, you two. Both your sigs are very familiar to me since I've been hanging around so long.
  18. So can I ask how everyone introduced themselves to JetNation? I know it's a lame, boring question, but I'd like to hear some stories about first posts. (Especially since we're within the realm of two million posts)
  19. Thanks for the well-wishes. As a Jets fan, my cherry is already brok--ah, nevermind. You guys know.
  20. Haha! That made me smile. I needed that after being chastized by all the Bulls homers. I know better than to start another Sanchez thread.
  21. After lurking on the JN site for so long, I find it harder and harder to introduce myself as the seasons go by. There's really no good time to jump in: some off-season trade rumor, a preseason prodigy, the usual build-up/meltdown and the rinse/repeat of being a Jets fan. I'm used to it. I live in the Midwest, right in the middle of Bears/Colts/Rams/Bulls/Pacers country. How I became a Jets/Knicks/Yanks fan in between all of that madness is a long and boring tale for another five or six threads. The important thing is this: JetNation is my source for all of the excitement, let-downs and (most of all) hope that comes with being a Jets fan, and I find you guys to be the most insightful, funny and dare I say loving Jets site on the net. I feel like I know all of the regular posters already and I'd like to be able to add something relevant to the conversation. All that being said, what's the best way for an ex-lurker to introduce himself? (Besides writing a stupid, rambling paragraph like the one I just did?)
  22. In one "new guy's" opinion, the Charlie Burke "Nnamdi Oso" thread was hands down the greatest. It's been merged, but here's where it started to get good: I remember lurking on this thread for about three hours waiting for the trade announcement that would never come. I laughed my a$$ off anyway. Thank you to everyone who posted.
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