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  1. The Winter Classic was pretty good, despite watching the Rangers give up a two-goal lead. I've been whining about their power play numbers for a few seasons now, and it was nice to see them get a victory with an overtime PPG. The camera angles were weird as hell to me, though, especially in the first period with all the shadows going on. It was kind of hard to watch at the beginning but it got better as the game went on.
  2. Yeah, I saw that this morning as well. Horrible tragedy, RIP. They sound like good people. The father of the family killed in a fiery Costa Rican plane crash was a senior investor at Bridgewater Associates, the giant hedge fund headed by billionaire Ray Dalio. Bruce Steinberg — who, along with his wife, Irene, and three sons, Zachary, William and Matthew, was among 12 people killed in the charter plane crash on New Year’s Eve — was a senior member of the Connecticut-based fund’s research team. Steinberg, 50, was also a graduate of Columbia Business School. “The Bridgewater family lost Bruce Steinberg (a senior investor at Bridgewater and a wonderful man) and his family in a plane crash in Costa Rica. Right now, we are each processing this devastating tragedy in our own ways,” Dalio tweeted Monday. Modal Trigger The Steinberg familyFacebook “At this time I will be devoting my attentions to doing this and helping others,” added Dalio, who founded the $150 billion fund. Rabbi Jonathan Blake, of the Westchester Reform Temple, where the Steinbergs were members, also mourned the family on social media, calling them “devoted members” of the synagogue. “This tragedy hits our community very hard,” Blake wrote in a Facebook post Sunday. Blake also spoke to The Post on Sunday. “All the Steinbergs will be remembered by their Scarsdale and the temple community as among the most devoted to the welfare of the Jewish community and the beauty of the Jewish tradition,” Blake said. “They will be deeply missed.” The family was also involved with the UJA-Federation of New York, AJC (American Jewish Committee), and Seeds of Peace.
  3. I just met Esmerelda Torres. Please let there be a gratuitous shower scene. Please let there be a gratuitous shower scene. Please let there be a gratuitous shower scene.
  4. Yeah, I definitely need to learn to run when I get overwhelmed by multiple enemies. My video game stubbornness instinct is to just strafe and backpedal while I unload on everybody. That strategy is screwing me over right now though, because I'm at the part shortly after you fight that jizz monster (seriously, the thing looks like a big pile of splooge) and just got ambushed by a couple of tough fights in relative succession. Now I'm super low on ammo and nearly out of resources to make more. I'm gonna have some work to do when I get back to it today. As another aside, did you ever try the shooting gallery? It's almost exactly like the one from Resident Evil 4. I've gotten the low-level prizes but I can't get anywhere near the higher-level stuff (which includes a pair of locker keys), and it's bothering the crap out of me. I've even watched a couple of YouTube videos of people playing it and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I had to laugh at myself when I first tried it and didn't know how to play (I usually don't read directions). After each shooting gallery session, the game ranks your performance by putting you in different categories. Some of the names are "Sharpshooter" or "Cowboy"; things like that. On my first try I landed in the very bottom category, which is called "Get Your Sh*t Together." The monsters in this game are pretty well-done, and I've been genuinely creeped out by the plot at times. I'm a grown-ass man and I still crap my pants when I see one of those witch things.
  5. I've got a few hours into this game and I like it so far. I have some gripes with the combat system, though. Seems like it's way too hard to target enemies close up. I can't count how many times I've unloaded my shotgun into thin air while a monster masturbates on my shoulder. (Or then again, maybe I just suck.) If I get in a bad spot with a handful of monsters around, it's easy for me to get overwhelmed, too. I also am having very little luck with the locker rewards. I've collected seven keys so far and gotten gel exactly once. A lot of times it's just something stupid like gunpowder or a couple of bullets. Seems like the first game was a little more generous with the prizes there. Nerd rant aside, I am enjoying myself playing. It's just as engaging and fun as the first one. Here's some game play footage for those who may be thinking about picking this one up.
  6. I've only been able to see a handful of games this year, but I caught tonight's Caps matchup. Really fun to watch, but extremely frustrating seeing the Rangers come away with nothing from so many quality chances. Nash played really well, though it doesn't show on the stat sheet. Also, am I stupid for thinking Hayes has the potential to step forward and be a big star? I see him making some amazing plays here and there; I keep waiting for him to break out and dominate but it doesn't happen.
  7. I ordered this over the weekend. I should have it in a day or two. Can't wait.
  8. Geez, it's about time. That will be the only flight simulator title on this current generation of consoles if I'm not mistaken. Let me know if it's cool.
  9. Happy belated B-day, RJF. I had no idea what the Getty was; I had to Google it. Apparently I am an uncultured swine.
  10. Usually the fans are the ones getting f*cked at Mets games.
  11. Yeah, from what I remember some of the main missions can get kind of tedious, especially in the early-going, but once you start discovering new towns and opening up the map a little bit you get more free-roaming options to screw around with when you're not progressing the story. Later on you get to do all kinds of different stuff like looking for treasure, raiding forts, bounty hunting, playing poker, taming horses, etc.
  12. The next major game I'm looking forward to is "Red Dead Redemption 2," which is supposed to come out in the spring. If you didn't play the first one, it's basically Grand Theft Auto in the old west. Lots of stuff to do and places to explore.
  13. That's gonna be the next game I play after I finish up the Bioshock Collection. I really liked the first Evil Within.
  14. Amazon has it, and Netflix has it if you live outside the US. I would really like to check this out; I've been hearing good things. I hope this will scratch my Star Trek itch (because the movies sure in the hell didn't). The new season comes around in February and I would imagine SyFy will rerun the first two seasons before then.
  15. 64 is like 104 in rock n' roll years. RIP good sir.
  16. Or you could meet up with some JN people beforehand. Always plenty of us at the home games. Plus you already know what depraved asshats we are, so there's no sense of disappointment.
  17. I've never done it myself, but I don't think it's weird. You can always jump in with a random group of tailgaters and make new friends before the game if you want that interpersonal game day experience. Most people won't mind, especially if they're hammered.
  18. I know dick about cars, but I really like the look of the stuff that was being manufactured in the 30s and 40s. I'd probably buy a brand new Jaguar for the wife, then get myself an old gloss black Cadillac or something to that effect. I'd also get a beat-up Saturn and drive it around town so people would say, "There goes Bombdirt. He won the lottery but he's still modest enough to drive that beat-up Saturn. What a great guy."
  19. I don't really follow soccer aside from a casual interest in the World Cup (yeah, I'm one of those people), but I do remember the powers that be saying maybe a half-dozen years ago or so that they were really going to focus on turning the US into a formidable opponent on the world stage. I see that didn't work out too well. My two cents (which probably isn't even worth two cents since I know dick about the intricacies of this subject): this country doesn't have much of a youth development presence in soccer. All the good athletes end up involved in other sports by the time anyone notices them. There's a lot of untapped talent out there but it's not going toward soccer.
  20. This is making me hungry. You guys need to overnight me a care package of New York deli meats--I'm deprived out here.
  21. I don't believe I've ever had genoa, but I do like hard salami. The difference is the pork/beef ratio, correct? I don't live anywhere near a good deli, so I'm meat-oppressed. @The Crusher probably has an opinion on this topic.
  22. Bombdirt


    I think I read somewhere that there are certain companies in other countries who allow their workers time to nap in the afternoons, and it increases overall productivity. I effing love naps. I'll take one in the afternoon when I know I'm going to have a late night working. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to stay up. The only hard part is sticking in that 20-40 minute window where a nap is most effective. Sometimes it takes me longer to fall asleep and then when my alarm goes off I'm pissed and not rested.
  23. Depends on who's going to be on it. Hope it's not a bunch of asshats I've never heard of.
  24. At the age I am now? A quiet place to nap before the show and a nanny to help watch my kids. Back in my early 20s? Booze, drugs, fireworks, Taco Bell and a platoon of strippers.
  25. Anybody have an opinion on Mass Effect: Andromeda? I just rented it today to check it out. I'm waiting on the updates and junk to install so I'm looking at the reviews--they're kind of sketchy. I hope this game doesn't suck ass, because I enjoyed the first three. Some of the examples of wonky animation I'm seeing don't bode very well, either.
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