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  1. Really, really great rock singer. One of the best of his era. Dude left behind a wife and six kids. RIP. One of my favorite LP songs:
  2. Normally, yeah it would be months. I played through it a couple of times back on the 360, though, so I know where a lot of stuff is and how to handle things for the most part. It's still fun as hell, though.
  3. Hey guys, just wanted to say I picked up the Xbox One version of Skyrim today, so I'll see you in about a month.
  4. Might as well start up a new thread instead of necroing the other one. Bagging Shattenkirk at a discount is a good start to the Rangers' free agency. Still some more holes to fill, though--a center would be nice.
  5. Aww yeah, the most hallowed and holy day of the year. Have a good one gentlemen.
  6. I like it. The singer sounds to me like a mix between Plant and Janis Joplin.
  7. You know, I can actually recall thinking the controls were a little funky when I was playing that game. I know I didn't end up finishing it. It's so weird that I can remember specific stuff like that from a game I played a dozen years ago. Then I forget my wife's birthday or my own phone number.
  8. Yeah the gameplay does take a little getting used to (especially during battles) and the inventory micromanagement aspect does get irritating at times. I'm kind of pissed at the game right now. I went in to face the final boss last night and the game pulled an unexpected dick plot move that took out my healer. Long story long, I got shredded to ribbons. Going to make a few adjustments and try again tonight.
  9. I played the PS2 version way back when. Really innovative and creative game. It was essentially all boss battles though, so it was missing a certain dimension of gameplay but I was having fun playing it so I didn't notice much.
  10. It does look pretty sweet (and I agree, the name is dumb as hell). I would have to upgrade my TV if I bought one though; I'm pretty sure mine doesn't support 4K. From what I've read about it, the downside is that it's not a next-gen console and there are no exclusives for it. I guess basically you're paying $599 for a graphics upgrade and a few other features. It will be interesting to see how many sell over the first month or so.
  11. Nah, it's just one player, at least on Xbox anyway. Not sure if there's a PC or PS4 mode for it. There's a lot of running around and questing to do so more than one person playing would probably lead to a lot of arguments. You control four main characters and you can also add three more to your party, so for the vast majority of the game you're controlling upwards of seven characters. There's a lot of micromanaging going on as far as inventory, weapons, ammo, fighting style, etc. You have to move each player individually in battle across a grid so it can get a little tedious at times but if you're into that level of control it's really versatile. I never played the original release that inspired the Fallout games (it came out back in 1987 for PC) but I can spot a lot of the similarities between the two. There's Power Armor, AP during battle, radiation and some other little things that make it seem familiar. It's not a perfect game--I do have some minor gripes (and I have had it crash on me a couple of times--good thing I'm an over-saver)--but for a title you can get for 10-15 bucks off Ebay it's worth checking out, especially if you're a Fallout fan.
  12. I have been up the ass of Wasteland 2: Director's Cut for the last few weeks. It was supposedly the inspiration for the Fallout games, and there are a lot of minor similarities. The gameplay is completely different, though; it's similar to the Diablo games.
  13. Gonna miss this character. RIP
  14. Wow. Never really was too big of a Soundgarden fan after Badmotorfinger, but this one hurts. The guy could wail. One of the most powerful voices of his era.
  15. I'm going to be long since dead before any of my Goddamn teams win a championship. Good Lord what a letdown.
  17. I have to admit, I had my doubts after that Game 2 meltdown. I thought coughing up a late lead like that would sink the Rangers in the series. Pleasantly surprised at their ability to bounce back; the last two games have been great. Still need to get two more though.
  18. Good Lord stop it with the f*cking penalties, Rangers.
  19. Great game tonight. Seems like they were getting beat up early and responded well. Zuccarello showed me once again why he's my favorite Ranger.
  20. Wheeeeee that was great. Didn't expect to get that one after watching them get beat up and out-hustled in the first period.
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