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  1. Good game yesterday; I'm glad I got to see it--even though Detroit kind of sucks ass. Raanta looked good though, so I'm not terribly concerned about Henry being out just yet. What will be interesting is to see how the team plays over the next several games. Tonight marks the start of four straight back-to-backs.
  2. I'm in the same situation you are; I just started adding boxing (hitting the heavy bag specifically) to my workouts a few months ago, and I love it. I was thinking about getting a speed bag to try out, too. Those look fun.
  3. Lots of good childhood memories with the Animal. I never realized he had a master's degree until I read it in an obituary. RIP
  4. Also, just out of curiosity since you're a Lincoln buff: did you see that Lincoln vampire movie, and if so what did you think of it?
  5. Depends on where you live. In places like San Francisco, $52k is near poverty-level. Around where I am (downstate Illinois), you can live quite comfortably on $52,000 per year. Yeah, we're trashy.
  6. I'd pay off the mortgage, buy my wife something sparkly and send my parents down to MLB spring training in Florida every year. Aside from that I'd probably get really good at golf. Maybe buy a monkey. I always wanted a pet monkey.
  7. Anybody watch the All-Star Game? I had it on so I could check out McDonagh (and because there was nothing else on). McDonagh made a sweet (and very timely) block off his skate. Also of note, the group that was supposed to sing the US national anthem (Fifth Harmony) before the game dropped out at the last second (one of their members got sick), so they called a girl from the Kings' ice crew to fill in with like 15 minutes notice. She went out there and slayed it. I thought she was a pro.
  8. I haven't been checking in on this thread as much as I should be, but I've been keeping tabs on the team as always. The second half is going to be huge, but I'm happy the team has stayed in striking distance. It's given me something to focus on besides the Jets. We are 31-17-1; the Caps are atop the East at 33-10-6. We're in a good spot, but the division is crazy good again this year. And who saw the Jackets coming? They've been great.
  9. I remember him best from Robocop and that TV miniseries "The Stand" (from the Stephen King book). Good actor. RIP.
  10. That series is one downside to having an Xbox One. Unfortunately I can't play it because it's a PlayStation exclusive. Everything I've heard about it sounds great, though. From what I can tell, they tried to model the last two (not very good) Tomb Raider games after Uncharted. That's as close as I can get on Xbox.
  11. Jets-Knicks-Rangers-Yankees for me. I know a traditionalist would root for the Islanders and the Mets, but I just can't subject myself to that level of disappointment across the four major sports. I'm already depressed half the year as it is.
  12. Man, I had almost forgotten a few of these people had passed. Crazy list, RIP all.
  13. Add another one: Debbie Reynolds. (Carrie Fisher's mother.)
  14. That's one good thing about being a Jets fan; I can usually find all kinds of great gear in the clearance section. One time I found a Testaverde Beanie Baby for a buck at some random thrift shop. It's been sitting on the dashboard of my truck for the last three years or so.
  15. Nice to meet you as well. I feel like I'm fairly familiar with you already from reading your posts; you seem like a pretty thoughtful guy and you've made me chuckle on more than one occasion. I totally get what you're saying--this is, after all, a football site, and that's where the focus should ultimately be. And I do agree with you that ideally the Leaderboard would be most effective with some type of filter that would allow it to be viewed by each individual forum. I don't know if that's feasible or not, but it would be interesting and would solve any glaring discrepancies. I realize my spam-posting style kind of throws a wrench into any accurate comparisons of rep and daily post counts, but believe me I do it out of love for my fellow beleaguered Jets fans. The 100k thread has become something of a pet project for me in recent years, and it's been fun watching the post count (almost 62 thousand) and the thread views (over 3.5 million) inch upward. Just doing my part to get those clicks and ad revenue built up so Max can buy himself a yacht.
  16. I feel like I should chime in here and clear up a few things about myself and what Bombdirt (Who?) spends his visits doing here. 1. Most of the regular posters around here know who I am (or are at least aware of me). I've been a member for almost five years, and lurking for a long time before that. Those who only visit the football forum are probably not as familiar, as I don't post in here much during the Jets' down-years--and it's been a while since we haven't had a down-year--and honestly it just bums me out more. That said, I still visit the football forum every day to keep informed of all the new and depressing facets of our beloved team. 2. The 100k thread, over the course of several years, has become a mini-community of its own, similar to the Mafia forum. It is the largest and most-viewed thread on the site (by a very, very wide margin), and I am proud of that. The reason I keep it going is to try and bring a little joy to my fellow Jets fans, and joy has been in something of a short supply in recent years. The thread is not "soft-core pornography"; if you'd care to look at my posts, you'd see that I mix in a healthy amount of funny or interesting pictures and gifs alongside the images of pretty girls (which I am always vigilant about keeping tasteful and adhering to the site's guidelines for posting). 3. I like the new leaderboard, and I like seeing my name on it. There's nothing "artificial" about me being up there; I earn my reputation points just like anyone else, regardless of whether or not my posts are football-related. There are several longtime posters here who only visit the Mafia forum; should their reputations be discounted as well since they're not spouting some redundancy about Fitzpatrick's turnover ratio? The beauty of JetNation is that it's a diverse community that features a handful of different niche areas. We're all here because we're Jets fans, but we're able to express ourselves differently within these boundaries as well. 4. Go Jets.
  17. I'll throw in my two cents: I never saw Jim Brown or Gayle Sayers; if I had, my answer might be different. Barry Sanders and Walter Payton were the best I ever saw. I remember Sanders singlehandedly keeping those horrible Lions teams in games and just bouncing off defenders like a pinball. That said, my all-time personal favorite is C-Mart, of course.
  18. I saw this today and thought it was kind of funny/interesting as a boredom-time read for entertainment's sake. Someone sat down and calculated how much it would cost to run the Death Star on a day-to-day basis. Spoiler: it's a sh*tload of money. Ever since Star Wars fans first laid their eyes on the monstrous Death Star in 1977, we've been fascinated with the Empire's ultimate weapon. Now with "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" due out Dec. 16, that obsession has returned. Curious minds at Ovo Energy, an energy-supply company in England, decided to find out how much the massive armored space station would cost to operate. (Back in 2012, Lehigh University students delved into figuring out what it would cost to build the thing, but we're talking daily operations, here.) Their calculations were impressively detailed, and they collaborated with science bloggers and professors to get even the trivial facts sketched out. Related Stories Famed Death Star feature was an accident Sneak off the Death Star in "Star Wars Clue" They're assuming a staff of over two million, which seems crazy-big, but hey, they're probably losing a couple hundred staffers daily to those deadly trash compactors onboard, so we'll go with that. They've thought out how much it would cost to jump to hyperspace and to shoot and recharge its deadly planet-killing laser -- the one that sent poor Princess Leia looking for love in Alderaan places. The company claims the space station has 85 levels and 257 sublevels, and just keeping the lights on alone would take 191,547,745,149 light bulbs. Which we're calling foul on, because come on, a station this advanced probably gets its lighting power from freaky futuristic luminescent squid or something. Seriously, are they sending stormtroopers (of which there are only 25,984) around with ladders and those telescoping bulb changers? Speaking of the stormtroopers and other staff, the site totals up the cost of sheltering and feeding them, including a laundry bill of $62,632 (about £49,655 or AU$84,420) per wash and $172,185 (about £136,440 or AU$231,900 ) per dry. And since it's a British company, when it figures out the cost of meals, it assumes each staffer is eating three meals and enjoying two cups of tea per day. (Probably Earl Grey. Hot. Wait, wrong series.) But in the end, they come up with a daily operating cost so high that the numbers sound as fake as Jar-Jar's accent. The company estimates it'd cost $7.7 octillion (that's about £6 octillion or AU$are you kidding I can't count that high). An octillion is either a number with 27 zeroes after it, or maybe 48 zeroes, or maybe you just hire a third grader to keep drawing zeroes until his or her hand falls off.
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