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    2010 that lost to the pit we could have been in the SB
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  1. this is not good at all Geno may miss more time jaw broken in two places wow ik hits hard!!!!
  2. i hope i am wrong love how he plays but if he cant be on the field they ship his a$$ away
  3. I love MO and Sheldon but if Williams becomes the player that I think he will, MO or Sheldon wont be here in two years,cant keep that many great players and pay them all and Sheldon sounds like he is just too stupid to change his pot habit
  4. Howard played very well when he was here at RT did not give up many sacks I don't think guard is the spot for him but yeah I am sure he is better then Breno at RT.
  5. hahaha,wait you are not joking we are in the same spot if the jets get a "seasoned QB" we would be in the SB the only problem I see is which QB?? I cant think of one. the coaches is what is going to come down to and lets not forget the pats are still not a bad team
  6. he wants a full guaranteed contract that's crazy sorry no way very good player but I don't think even Brady the NLFs golden boy gets that.
  7. i only drink on my birthday and when is not
  8. yeah he is lol and no we should have never let him go the guy is good and was good against the rush, kept Mario on his a$$ for a while, all Mario could do was cry ("this guy puts his hands on my face") loved it
  9. it seems this year we have a bunch of good players and not all are going to make the team unlike last year we had no talent at WR(besides Decker and kerley) or CB.
  10. how did Owusu Chris doo? does any one know I liked the way this kid showed he has good hands, him and Williams Marcus I hope the two of them make the team
  11. Reilly is the kid that I think can be part of this team he plays hard him and IK
  12. I hope he does great I really do but if he does not he is a 2nd round pic!
  13. I did see some 4-3 at times like that with the guys we got now and lots of 3-4 wich we got the CBs for, not much I did not like.ok I did see Crow wanted nothing to doo with against the run lol but not bad against WRs
  14. that's the way I feel and I love Mo when he plays well but yeah he is no JJ or no Quinn and he does disappear from time to time we got Williams wich I think will be better, like to see him stay but if he wants too much guess what we will need OTs very soon, he can become a nice trade piece
  15. I just want to see this D put that girl Brady on her a$$!!
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