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  1. Lol same. Montana was my childhood hero.
  2. Todd Bowles's teams stank, too. At least it took longer than 2 minutes to realize they were going to lose.
  3. Yes. I've been on here for a few years and would love to hear this story.
  4. This is a rough diamond. It's going to take a lot of cutting and polishing before you spend any money on it.
  5. Bortles once threw 35 TDs in a season. Darnold has 37 career TDs.
  6. The man has 132 career sacks, tied with Lawrence Taylor. Put him in.
  7. Imagine Namath in 1968 with a Twitter account. Heads would explode.
  8. Speaking from experience, juvenile detention might be the best thing for him. I grew up as an angry young man who thought he was a tough guy. Juvenile detention showed me how not tough I really was.
  9. Yes, because extrapolating stats has worked so well for your Perriman is better than Anderson argument lol.

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