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  1. Kevin L

    Clowney, Matthews and Lewan

    I don't want Clowney, either. I'm hoping Khalil Mack doesn't sign with the Raiders, and becomes a UFA after this year.
  2. Was about to post something similar. We routinely collect players who masturbate in parking lots or drive drunk the wrong way through tunnels. This is nothing in comparison.
  3. Kevin L

    Jets Biggest Rival

    I almost can't remember a good Dolphins team. Gotta go with the Pats. It feels so good every time we beat them.
  4. Kevin L

    ESPN Insider’s Best Under-25 Lineup

    Ezekiel Elliott is 22...
  5. I remember Vince Young getting an 87 his rookie year. Madden doesn't have a great track record of predicting rookies.
  6. Kevin L

    Don't watch Jet games!

    How would I know what to b*tch about if I didn't watch?
  7. There are actual Texans who don't know this.
  8. Kevin L

    Old School Football Games

    10 Yard Fight on the NES.
  9. Kevin L

    Worst Takes

  10. Kevin L

    New Hat/logo?

    Looks like a bad soccer team logo.
  11. You also get "Old nard".
  12. Kevin L

    Glenn Naughton Named Editor

    Wow, I've been here for a few years and just assumed Glenn was part of the team already. Congrats, Glenn. I always enjoy reading your stuff.
  13. Looked like some weird knuckle-splitter hybrid.