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  1. Montana easily. One of the most clutch players I've seen in any sport.
  2. Raul Allegre kicking the Jets into the playoffs, 1991. The game that solidified my Jets fandom.
  3. McDaniels Leaves Colts at the Altar

    Manning and Luck are literally the only reasons the Colts aren't mentioned in the same breath as the Browns.
  4. How dare Super Bowl winning QB'S ask for big money.
  5. Watch this - QB Josh Allen

    Favre and Warren Moon both did. That being said, I'd pass on Allen, too.
  6. Oh he's getting suspended, no doubt. I meant from a purely legal standpoint.
  7. It would be interesting to see what happens if NJ legalizes while his case is pending. Would the charges be dropped, or can he still be prosecuted?
  8. They both suck, but one has been to the playoffs.
  9. Agreed. This isn't the NBA, where you can amass cap space, sign FA's, and turn your franchise around. Having all that cap space in the NFL means that you can't properly draft, develop and sign your own players.
  10. Spot on. The Jets are 3rd in the NFL for home attendance this year. Why should ownership do anything if people are willing to pay to watch bad football?
  11. Kacy Rodgers, for continuity.