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  1. Kevin L

    Old School Football Games

    10 Yard Fight on the NES.
  2. Kevin L

    Worst Takes

  3. Kevin L

    New Hat/logo?

    Looks like a bad soccer team logo.
  4. You also get "Old nard".
  5. Kevin L

    Glenn Naughton Named Editor

    Wow, I've been here for a few years and just assumed Glenn was part of the team already. Congrats, Glenn. I always enjoy reading your stuff.
  6. Looked like some weird knuckle-splitter hybrid.
  7. Montana easily. One of the most clutch players I've seen in any sport.
  8. Raul Allegre kicking the Jets into the playoffs, 1991. The game that solidified my Jets fandom.
  9. Kevin L

    McDaniels Leaves Colts at the Altar

    Manning and Luck are literally the only reasons the Colts aren't mentioned in the same breath as the Browns.
  10. How dare Super Bowl winning QB'S ask for big money.
  11. Kevin L

    Watch this - QB Josh Allen

    Favre and Warren Moon both did. That being said, I'd pass on Allen, too.
  12. Oh he's getting suspended, no doubt. I meant from a purely legal standpoint.