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  1. It's tough to quantify "drive". Was Randy Moss driven to be a great WR, or was he just so damn talented? He seemed to quit during his Raider years.
  2. Didn't the NFL put up $1 billion or so for retired players? Maybe I'm misremembering. The NFLPA are shortsighted. The vets threw the rookies under the bus. Pretty dumb.
  3. They got a reduced workload and an increase in benefits. Pretty sweet concessions.
  4. People say this every time there's a stoppage, and yet the players get concessions every time. Ultimately, this is a player's league, because they're the guys generating the money. The owners will cave, as they always do.
  5. In my lifetime both the Knicks and Mets have been in the Finals and WS. I have yet to see the Jets in the SB.
  6. Anyone remember Dorian Boose? I really thought he would be a stud pass rusher for us.
  7. The difference is that the Pats draft solid starters like Michel and Flowers. We draft guys like Shell and a punter.
  8. Pistachio nuts are not only tasty, they're also a good source of protein, fiber and vitamin B.
  9. I think Mo is a talented player. The problem is he doesn't seem to care to be the best player he can be. Mo half-assing it on the field still produced more than Sheldon or Leo.
  10. Oddly enough, you just made the case to bring Mo back. He fits all the criteria, while being a less expensive option.
  11. If I'm Mac, I'd do it because I might not be here next year anyway. If I'm the owner of the team, then no.
  12. We were supposed to start 4-1 last year. I won't be asking you for lottery numbers any time soon.
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