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  1. The Jets haven't won anything in forever, now we're suddenly too good for a guy with "only" 1 ring. Unbelievable.
  2. I was going to start a thread on this a few weeks back. The Jets run on 33% of their 1st down plays, 9th highest in the league. They were 5th just a few weeks ago. The offense is extremely predictable, especially on early downs.
  3. Kevin L


    Forget accuracy, he needs to be allowed to throw, period. We just completed 1 pass for 2 yards in the entire 1st quarter.
  4. Those are for motivation purposes. Every time they win a game, they can remove a piece of clothing. Worked for the Indians.
  5. IMO, it's either Kacy Rodgers or Bates. Hard to imagine a player bypassing the coaching staff to speak directly to the FO just to criticize another player. Since Bowles and Rodgers are buddies, criticizing Rodgers directly to Bowles would probably be awkward.
  6. The French have hit a rough patch since Napoleon went down. It's not their fault. They just need more time.
  7. Kevin L

    huh? bowles still has locker room?

    When an NFL player says it's not about the coach, it's almost always about the coach.
  8. Kevin L


    2nd and 15 and we run the ball. Not only is it obvious, it's just dumb.
  9. Beat me to it. Leo destroyed him.
  10. Kevin L


    Yeah, but it's a pretty good trick.
  11. Kevin L

    Is anyone still defending Macc?

    Me too. I have enough information to know Bowles is not good. Can't say the same for Mac.
  12. Kevin L

    Is anyone still defending Macc?

    The problem is we don't know if Mac is picking the players he wants, or if he's picking the players Bowles says he needs Personally, I think this is a Bowles constructed team.
  13. I read this somewhere as well. Can't find the article to post, but it said that QB's hate pressure up the middle because they have less time to react, and the only way to run is backwards.
  14. Dark clothes are actually better in the sun, provided there's some wind. White actually reflects your body heat back to you.
  15. Lots of redirects today. Using Chrome, Samsung galaxy s6.

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