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  1. Then why bother play him. Either sit him down for a year to marinate, or let him rip it.
  2. This was my biggest concern with the hire. Saleh looks like Rex 2.0 minus the offensive talent.
  3. @Gastineau Lives>Denzel Mims.
  4. He needs to learn about 5 more positions, apparently.
  5. Tom likes the more rugged, outdoorsy types.
  6. I'm 6 foot 4 inches. Those are two separate measurements.
  7. I don't know a damn thing about college football, but watching you guys getting pumped up about these prospects makes me pumped up. Keep it coming.
  8. You're not exactly making a strong case here, Kevin.
  9. Unless Darnold went 17-16 with a loaded team. Then we'd be calling him the next Kirk Cousins.
  10. This is essentially the problem with the TE position. You're either getting a guy who will put up Herndon numbers, or Kelce numbers. Not much in between.
  11. Do you want the Johnson's picking the coach, or someone who is a football guy picking the coach?
  12. You see, the Johnson's know nothing about football, whereas a GM might know something about football.
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