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  1. Can't wait to tell people that I'm a fan of the New York Metropolitan Area Jets.
  2. Sure, he's good on the short cross routes, but does he have the arm strength to push it down field?
  3. Bermuda Biscuits is a terrible team name.
  4. Crab cakes Chili cheese dip Shrimp cocktail Bacon wrapped cocktail weenies Macaroni salad
  5. If you ain't cheating, you ain't trying.
  6. Total War or Ultimate General.
  7. Doesn't change the fact that Echols had the testicular fortitude to ask the GOAT for an autograph....and that Brady was classy enough to do it.
  8. Considering Jamal Adams is just a glorified LB, we actually lost our top 2 edge rushers.
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