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  1. Thoughts

  2. Why do you still watch the NFL?

    True. I put my life on the line for less than $40,000 per year, so the sympathy from me just won't be there.
  3. Why do you still watch the NFL?

    IMO, this is a huge reason people are watching less. Football used to pride itself on having large, angry men delivering punishing hits on each other. Those days are long gone. I'm all for player safety, but when the league makes big hits illegal, and no one is sure what a clean, hard, legal hit is, it can't help but hurt the product.
  4. Green pants are gross, and they should never wear them again.
  5. Timeout followed by a near INT. #veteranmentor
  6. Can't help but wonder if this means Belichick is done when Brady is done. Does Belichick deal with the rebuild when Brady retires?
  7. I'm not 100% sure whether Macc is picking the players he wants to pick, or picking the players Bowles thinks he needs. I give Macc the benefit of the doubt. Bowles just flat out stinks.
  8. Do we have an Official Video Games thread here?

    Just beat it the other day. I enjoyed the game. I started playing as the female, got a few hours in, and just couldn't handle the weird eyes. Restarted as the male, and the animation seemed much better. The story didn't capture me like the original trilogy, but maybe that's just nostalgia talking.
  9. I like the new stadium, too. The old place was a sh*thole. I always felt like a suspect on SVU whenever I went to the spiral staircase.
  10. We'll have 3 less penalties.
  11. Anyone Notice a Trend

    The problem is Josh McCown. 4 of his 7 INT's have occurred in the 4th quarter. His completion percentage drops by almost 10% in the 4th quarter. He sucks in pressure situations.