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  1. Davis and Kearse are playing well for the most part, but they're established vets who have proved they can play in this league. IMO, this coaching staff gets no credit for "developing" them.
  2. Christmas night, 1776. General George Washington stares into the blizzard across the icy Delaware River. He turns to his men. They are cold and hungry. They are desperate for a victory, any victory. Washington says, "It's cold, and that water looks really wet. Let's go home." The Continental Army returns to Valley Forge. They promptly contract frostbite and starve to death.
  3. I don't agree. If you're not trying to do everything possible to win every minute of every game, you have no business in professional sports.

    There's no doubt in my mind that if the Jets held an online poll as to who they should draft, the fans would be better than the front office.
  5. IMO, the only player who has progressed is Robbie Anderson. Maybe Darron Lee, too. Everyone else is either the same, or even taken a step back.
  6. Manish is a small, flaccid penis head, but a lot of people got duped by Mo, myself included. In hindsight, the best part of his deal seems to be the ability to let him go without crippling cap implications.
  7. The notion that young QB's need a veteran mentor is BS. You can either play in this league, or you can't. No amount of mentorship will change that. It's time to find out if our youngsters can play or not. We're 4-7, so he's not exactly helping us in the present. He's 38, so he's not part of our future. There is no upside to having him as our starter.
  8. See what whining all the time gets you?
  9. #veteranleadership #bestchancetowin #jetupbaby
  10. War is Peace Freedom is Slavery Ignorance is Strength
  11. Pretty sure this is her. Google Catherine Cuesta Jeffords.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving JetNation.com

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  13. Wow, Moore lifts his left foot, then gets moved 6 inches to his right. You're right, how could anyone possibly have avoided running directly into his ass.
  14. I'll concede that he's not getting great push on Wilfork, but he's doing a decent job handling him 1 on 1. Wilfork doesn't move him backwards, and barely moves him laterally. Sanchez just runs into him.
  15. Here's another angle. Where exactly is Wilfork lifting him? He stays on his feet until Sanchez plows into him.
  16. This is so incorrect, it's not even funny. At no point does Wilfork throw Moore anywhere, let alone 5 yards backwards.
  17. Thoughts

  18. Why do you still watch the NFL?

    True. I put my life on the line for less than $40,000 per year, so the sympathy from me just won't be there.
  19. Why do you still watch the NFL?

    IMO, this is a huge reason people are watching less. Football used to pride itself on having large, angry men delivering punishing hits on each other. Those days are long gone. I'm all for player safety, but when the league makes big hits illegal, and no one is sure what a clean, hard, legal hit is, it can't help but hurt the product.
  20. Green pants are gross, and they should never wear them again.
  21. Timeout followed by a near INT. #veteranmentor
  22. Can't help but wonder if this means Belichick is done when Brady is done. Does Belichick deal with the rebuild when Brady retires?