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  1. @Gastineau Lives>Denzel Mims.
  2. He needs to learn about 5 more positions, apparently.
  3. Tom likes the more rugged, outdoorsy types.
  4. I'm 6 foot 4 inches. Those are two separate measurements.
  5. I don't know a damn thing about college football, but watching you guys getting pumped up about these prospects makes me pumped up. Keep it coming.
  6. You're not exactly making a strong case here, Kevin.
  7. Unless Darnold went 17-16 with a loaded team. Then we'd be calling him the next Kirk Cousins.
  8. This is essentially the problem with the TE position. You're either getting a guy who will put up Herndon numbers, or Kelce numbers. Not much in between.
  9. Do you want the Johnson's picking the coach, or someone who is a football guy picking the coach?
  10. You see, the Johnson's know nothing about football, whereas a GM might know something about football.
  11. The game is too fast for him. He can't process what he sees fast enough. He doesn't know where pressure is coming from. He stays in the pocket when he should run, and runs when he should stay. On top of all that, he throws some of the most mind boggling interceptions.
  12. Seriously. Brian Billick isn't a good coach. Brian Billick WAS a good coach.
  13. Option A- Gore will give Adam Gase $1,000,000 if he gets him to 16,000 yards. Option B- Darnold is so bad that a 3 yard dive is the best play available.
  14. "If Jimmy Clausen is not a successful quarterback in the NFL, that's it. I'm done. I'm out." -Mel Kiper, 2010.
  15. I blame Frank Gore. Darnold was a legitimate prospect until this QB killer showed up.
  16. Maye is a JAG. Let's draft his replacement in the 5th round and move on.
  17. Maye has 5 INTs, 4 forced fumbles and 2.5 sacks in his career. What are we even discussing this for?
  18. Lol Herndon looks surprised he caught that.
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