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  1. I literally forgot he was on the team. Haven't heard his name called all year.
  2. We should trade Gore now before he gets too old and wants a 2nd contract.
  3. Just wait. It will either be because of the rain or the 4 PM east coast start.
  4. John Abraham was too talented for the Jets to ruin. Probably why they got rid of him.
  5. I'm going with Jerricho Cotchery. Cotchery on a real team is probably an 80/1000/8 guy.
  6. I was once employee of the month at Shop Rite in 1995. Good times.
  7. I can forgive losing if you're just not talented enough. But my God this team is just so boring to watch.
  8. Perriman has 5 catches for 29 yards. Should only take about 10 years to match Robby's output from last year.
  9. All of the best players on those teams were drafted by the Jets. Drafting good players makes you a good team.
  10. In all fairness, that offense probably works great when you have Peyton Manning as your QB.
  11. Honestly, how many WRs do you need to run a 3 yard out route on 3rd and 7?
  12. Needs more high pointing, or whatever!
  13. Exactly. Doesn't help when your QB constantly underthrows you.
  14. It's almost like Robby is pretty good and should never have been allowed to leave.
  15. Guaranteed Robby has more yards and TDs than our top 2 WRs combined.
  16. Robby is 4th in the NFL in rec. yards, but OK.
  17. Imagine living in a world where catch rate actually means something. Mike Evans catch rate his first 4 years. 55.7 50.00 55.5 52.2 These numbers sound oddly familiar.
  18. Lol same. Montana was my childhood hero.
  19. Todd Bowles's teams stank, too. At least it took longer than 2 minutes to realize they were going to lose.

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