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  1. Yes, and in 1984 Neil Lomax had more yards than Joe Montana. That proves nothing.
  2. Sure, let's get rid of a HOF caliber player because our loser coach doesn't know how to use him.
  3. Gase's entire offense consisted of running Bell up the middle twice and hoping Darnold bailed him out on 3rd and long.
  4. I got this and the original Nintendo on the same Christmas, so it was pretty much the best Christmas ever.
  5. I'm too young for that game, but not too old for this.
  6. If a coach needs that much to succeed, he's probably not that great.
  7. How many Hall of Famers were on that Bills team? How many Hall of Famers does Gase need to succeed?
  8. I fully expect the Jets to lose in a prime time game. The only reason the Jets are on prime time is to make the other team look good.
  9. "He was doing his job. The job we told him to do. But we had no idea he was doing his job."
  10. QBR is a nonsense stat. Kirk Cousins has a higher QBR than Joe Montana.
  11. Yes, we should hire more Adam Gases and Todd Bowleses. Guys with impeccable NFL resumes.
  12. I wonder what the reaction would be if Joe Namath had a Twitter account in 1969.
  13. It's pretty good. Not as good as New Vegas, but what is? Totally single player, so no loot boxes or anything.
  14. Currently enjoying The Outer Worlds. Made by Obsidian, the original Fallout devs. It's a blend of Fallout New Vegas and Borderlands. Definitely worth checking out.
  15. Only the Army needs British and Canadian help to storm a beach.
  16. Only the Army needs British and Canadian help to storm a beach.
  17. We should hire a hypnotist to make the team think every drive is the first drive.
  18. I hate it when you're right. Fine, Darnold and Beachum average 14.5 points per game.
  19. Beachum and Darnold average 8 points per game.
  20. The Jets are averaging 3.5 points per game with Beachum in the lineup.

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