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  1. You guys have to try this

  2. Clearly the line wants Fitz back.... how the heck does Wake come completely untouched.
  3. Maybe Bowles has been reading the message board? http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/17828168/todd-bowles-new-york-jets-coach-opens-door-sitting-quarterback-ryan-fitzpatrick One day after giving a vote of confidence to embattled quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, New York Jets coach Todd Bowles backtracked on his commitment, hinting Tuesday he could turn to Geno Smith this weekend. Bowles also expanded the quarterback controversy to four players, saying it's "definitely possible" that Bryce Petty and/or Christian Hackenberg could play before the end of the season. The coach backed Fitzpatrick after Monday night's 28-3 loss to the Arizona Cardinals, saying, "Fitz will be back next week. ... Fitz is our starter." Some 18 hours later, Bowles was waffling, which is out of character for him. "First of all, after the game, it's always going to be status quo because I'm never going to tell the media anything before I meet with my coaches and my GM and the rest of the staff, so everything is status quo until we have our meeting [Tuesday night]," Bowles said. Fitzpatrick leads the NFL with 11 interceptions and has led the offense to only three touchdowns during the Jets' current four-game losing streak. Bowles conceded he "revisited" the matter after his postgame news conference. He pulled Fitzpatrick midway through the fourth quarter of the blowout, inserting Smith, whose only series ended with an interception. "He did show some promise when he was in there," Bowles said of Smith. "He understood the game plan and he did good for that drive he was in there." Asked directly if Smith could start Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens (3-3), Bowles said, "We have to talk about more than that. There's a possibility every week there will be some changes made, player-wise." Jets coach Todd Bowles said that backup quarterback Geno Smith did "show some promise" in his brief appearance in Monday night's loss and that at change at the position is possible. Denny Medley/USA TODAY Sports Bowles didn't sound pleased that Smith told ESPN sideline reporter Lisa Salters before the game that he was "getting antsy" to play. "I don't have any thoughts on backup players saying anything," Bowles said. "They're backups for a reason. If they get a chance to play, they better prove themselves to be worthy of playing regardless of who that person is." Smith also attracted attention on the sideline by throwing his baseball cap and tossing a cup of ice on the field moments after Fitzpatrick was intercepted at the end of the third quarter. Clearly frustrated, Smith paced the sideline, waiting for his shot, which came shortly after that. "I don't think anything of it," Bowles said of Smith's sideline behavior. The Jets are 1-5. Since 1970, only two teams have rallied from a 1-5 start to make the postseason. With no quarterback of the future, the Jets are open to auditioning Petty and Hackenberg. "It's possible," Bowles said. "We've still got some stages to go before we get to that point, but it's definitely possible."
  4. Well actually... they have 6 of their own first round draft picks starting on that defense, and 7 total if you count Terrence Newman who they picked up in FA. They are just a well coached team. If I were Mac I'd fire Kacy Rodgers and let Bowles know that if he can't fix this sh*tshow of a defense then he'll be next.
  5. Silver Lining

    With the schedule New England had they "should've" gone 16-0, instead they went 12-4. However "on-paper" means nothing. We saw some good football this year, but unfortunately we saw some pretty crappy football too. The fact is, we went 10-6 and we saw more out of this team than we have in years. While today was heartbreaking, the fact that the Jets were finally relevant in December again gave me hope, and if Geno was starting we'd be looking at another 4-12, 6-10 season. The silver lining for me is that with Fitz "blowing it" (although I don't think it was entirely his fault), we'll re-sign him for a little cheaper, freeing up room to improve our OLB / O-Line situation.
  6. Devin Funchess - Carolina Patheres

    I loved Funchess coming out of college, but the guy I'm wishing we grabbed instead of Smith is Tyler Lockett. He's shredding the competition on kick/punt return plus he's having a nice season as a deep threat.
  7. - I thought Cro would outplay Revis this season with a bunch of INT's and at least one pick 6 - I thought Coples would be moved to Defensive End and cause big problems in a 4-3 front - I thought we'd be 8-8 at best - I thought Milliner would get a bunch of snaps on the outside and maybe some at FS - I thought Williams would lead the Jets in sacks, setting up a Wilk trade in the off season
  8. Decker's kids must've kept him up last night. He just doesn't look as focused.
  9. If there's one lesson to take from this game - coach Bowles needs to be relentless with his offense. Especially when the opposing D is hurting. It ain't over yet but a 10 point lead just became a 3 point lead with way too much time left on the clock.
  10. Fitz has been playing too much Madden 16 - holding triangle/Y in your mind while throwing them up to Marshall ain't gonna help you here buddy.
  11. TD on Cromartie Question

    From what I saw, it looked like Cro deliberately slowed down on the go route as he expected to have over the top coverage by Jarrett, maybe to bait the QB into a throw? At least that's the way I saw it.
  12. Madden 16

    Damn man, that's a pretty good review. It's definitely a different game. In past Madden's I've been able to run up the score with ease, complete pretty much all of my deep passes (and that's with Sanchez or Smith) but this year those deep balls are a 50/50, which while frustrating I really like. All the games I've played online so far have been very tight. In terms of the gameplay, it's a pretty big improvement this year and a welcome challenge. I just wish EA would get their s**t together on release date so we're not waiting for a patch to fix up various aspects of the game. This year it's connected franchise (the mode I play like 95% of the time). It has so many bugs that even EA reps told us to hold off on starting a connected franchise (both online and offline) until they release a patch.
  13. Madden 16

    This. Whenever I go for RAC on drag and crossing routes I always end up diving.
  14. Glennon Top rated QB to be traded

    For what it's worth, I traded for Glennon in my madden franchise for a 7th round pick. A boy can dream.
  15. Madden 16

    Any early impressions? How are the new passing mechanics? I've heard the way the DB's play the ball has been improved also. Can't believe we have to wait an extra few days in Aussie land. PS4 people, add me! ajetfromoz