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  1. Last year it seemed Sam was quick to study and learn from his mistakes. He made a bunch in this game, mostly under duress. If Gase is a great coach, we won't see the same mistakes week in week out. Sucks that we lost, but not concerned that our 22 year old QB made mistakes. He's going to. I'll only start calling for the coaching staff to be fired if Sam stops correcting his mistakes and does the same dumb stuff every game.
  2. Its CJ + what looks like it has the potential to be a top-tier safety duo (if Maye stays healthy) ... and then everybody else. Maye was ballin' out there today, as was Adams (though he missed on a few blitz opportunties that didn't always look like his fault). The CB situation is what we thought it was going to be, no surprises there. The D line was probably the most dissapointing. Totally lacked energy and aggression in those last two Bills scoring drives. I keep waiting for Leo to prove me right but its becoming clear he hasn't got the tools to consistently beat his matchup.
  3. Maybe it's false hope that we're finally turning a corner... or the Whiskey talking. Either way, I get the feeling today will be a little easier than expected. We'll see. The rest of the season - there are some games we'll run away with and some will make us look like amateurs. Such is life for an 8-8/9-7 team.
  4. 1am here. Game starts at 3am. Can't sleep. Too pumped. Jets 27 Bills 13 Bell goes for +100 Rushing and + 40 Receiving with No TDs, because we finally have a Slot Receiver in Crowder who can get us results in the Red Zone (and in this case, two easy TDs), plus another nice floater to Montgomery.
  5. As an Aussie who has watched Valentine tear up my favourite Rugby League team, it’s nice to see him on my side for once. Dunno if he’ll work out, but glad to see him get the chance.

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