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  1. No, but he probably would’ve kicked that 45 yarder which would have beaten the bills, and if we did then today we’d be one game out of the 6th seed at 7-8.
  2. Should have been there Week 1. Or any other semi-competent kicker. And we’d be one game out of the 6th seed. Thanks Mac.
  3. Here are some comparisons... guess which QB has produced these single game stats within the first couple years of their career: (Yes, these are the ugliest of them all, but I haven't pulled out any 1 td 2 int games, just a couple that seemed the most 'Yesterday Darnold') WK Game Date Opp Result G GS Comp Att Pct Yds Avg TD Int Sck SckY Rate Att Yds Avg TD FUM Lost 1 09/07 @ BUF L 0-31 1 1 14 28 50.0 123 4.4 0 4 2 20 22.5 -- -- -- -- -- -- 6 10/13 GB L 10-28 1 1 24 44 54.5 183 4.2 1 3 2 17 44.0 5 26 5.2 0 2 1 12 11/27 @ KC L 16-26 1 1 22 40 55.0 248 6.2 1 4 3 16 42.5 1 15 15.0 0 -- -- 9 11/05 IND L 20-27 1 1 20 35 57.1 201 5.7 0 4 0 0 34.0 3 13 4.3 0 -- --
  4. Mark your calendar. Jets v Pats divisional round. Where we make our revenge. But for now...
  5. Its not like Darnold just threw for 300+ with a 70% completion rate hey... If that is how he plays in the pocket, keep him there.
  6. Right now it's... Lamar Kyle Allen Sammy Mason Rudolph Josh Allen Baker Rosen Within 5 years it'll be our boy Sammy on top of that list. Lamar's type don't last long in this league, Baker continues to do his best Sanchez impression wearing #6, both Allen's and Mason Rudolph continue to have decent careers. Kyle Allen might even take that Carolina team to a few playoff berths after they dump/trade Cam Newton. Josh Rosen will bounce around the league and never find the right fit. We dodged a bullet there.
  7. I don't think it is as clear cut as that. Huge 2nd half Jets drive when Darnold threw that INT. If we put up 6 there you wouldn't see it this way. Once we hit the 4th Quarter the Jets defense gave a lot of space to avoid giving up any huge plays too quickly. Next week against NE is the real test.
  8. It is. But I'm curious to see if those who were calling for him to be fired while fielding a future 2nd string Arena league QB changed their mind at all.
  9. The only play call that really disappointed me was the 3rd down in the Red Zone where Darnold threw the pick. Run it there, and if you don't get the 1st you get the FG and you're up by 2 possessions needing that 2pt conversion. Otherwise I think we performed way better than I expected on offense.
  10. Pretty much everything we've said on this forum about Gase since the season began - bad play caller, playing it too safe, no throws downfield, runs an offense that won't work in the modern NFL - was defeated today. He called a great game, showed some 'balls' instead of being too conservative (which IMO changed the flow of the game), and Darnold looked like a different QB out there today.... even when compared with his last 4 games last season. So how do we all feel about Adam Gase? Have we found our answer at OC/HC, or will we want his head on a platter by end of season?
  11. Last year it seemed Sam was quick to study and learn from his mistakes. He made a bunch in this game, mostly under duress. If Gase is a great coach, we won't see the same mistakes week in week out. Sucks that we lost, but not concerned that our 22 year old QB made mistakes. He's going to. I'll only start calling for the coaching staff to be fired if Sam stops correcting his mistakes and does the same dumb stuff every game.
  12. Its CJ + what looks like it has the potential to be a top-tier safety duo (if Maye stays healthy) ... and then everybody else. Maye was ballin' out there today, as was Adams (though he missed on a few blitz opportunties that didn't always look like his fault). The CB situation is what we thought it was going to be, no surprises there. The D line was probably the most dissapointing. Totally lacked energy and aggression in those last two Bills scoring drives. I keep waiting for Leo to prove me right but its becoming clear he hasn't got the tools to consistently beat his matchup.

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