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  1. Revis used to do this all the time. What made him amazing was a) his jam at the LOS and b) his closing ability to give space (purposely) and PD the pass. We’ve got a good one in Sauce, kids.
  2. Let's not sugar coat this - this sucks bulldog balls. But this team needed to face some adversity after a fun couple of weeks, where you could argue the Jets weren't all that good, and sans a couple of lucky breaks (lucky plays, backup QBs), probably wouldn't have been 5-3 heading into the Buffalo game. Now we'll see what this team is really made of. If they can drop the mental baggage this loss will bring, and find a way to keep Buffalo close and at least look somewhat competitive, then we're a shot at the 5-7th seed. If not, then find a comfortable seat fellas - it's gonna get ugly. At least our defense is fkn good.
  3. Strev comes out for a designed run 3-4 times over the first two series’ while Zach stays in the pocket, short slants, and hand offs up the middle. By the 3rd series, the Pats aren’t expecting Zach to start rolling out to his right and hitting receivers on break away go’s and crossers Couple long touchdowns would seal this game if the defense can show up and keep Mac Daddy on his ass.
  4. Sorry, Crusher! If it needs to be moved or deleted, go for it.
  5. Mods - feel free to move this elsewhere if it is not appropriate for this part of the forum! Me and some fellas have been running a podcast since season start, called The First Down Under Poddy. (Cuz... you know... we're down under and... word play ) It's unscripted, informative (we think), and at times... would probably ruffle some feathers if you're a big believer in being politically correct. (If that's you, it's probably not the podcast for you.) Of course, as a massive long-time Jets fan I talk as much about them as I can get away with. Anyway... I'm not looking for specific feedback or anything, but if you happen to be bored on your commute to work or you want something new to listen to... Why not tune into a podcast driven by four Aussie boof-heads who love to rip on each other, and equally as much have a crazy passion for the NFL. Here's the Apple Podcasts link, it's on Spotify too.
  6. ESPN just announced that the Eagles are looking to trade up into the top 10... #cmonjoe
  7. Anyone notice where Mike LaFleur is? He’s up in the box, instead of on the sideline. It’s where he wanted to be before Zach had him hit the sideline. He’s seeing the game better, therefore the play calling is much better. Could be that simple. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  8. It’s said he sold his soul to the devil to achieve incredible musical ability - and the devil came to collect with his life soon after. I am totally convinced Joe Namath did the same thing. And the devil has been collecting for the last 52 years. Boo.
  9. https://instagram.com/stories/thequinnenwilliams/2485339277991422904?igshid=1smh7chxtm0eb (sorry if this was posted in the Saleh thread - that thing is so long I couldn’t keep up)
  10. 1. Both Gase & Williams fired by Monday. It’s clear the team has given up on both sides of the ball - both should be held accountable. Also fire Dowell Loggains. 2. Make Brant Boyer interim head coach, seeing as his unit is the only unit that isn’t a complete sh*tshow. Jim Bob Cooter becomes OC. Andre Carter DC. 3. Instructions from Boyer to Cooter: “light up the scoreboard, put the ball in Darnold’s hands 90% of the time to give him the reps and let’s see what he’s really made of”. 4. JD has been given the reigns, no questions asked. He’s got 4 years left in his contract and if I’m the owner, I pull back and let him do his Ficken job. Clean sweep of the entire coaching staff the Tuesday after Week 17. A few names come to mind: Greg Roman, the OC from Titans, Bills OC, Darrell Bevell. Search the College ranks too. Interview as many people as possible. 5. FA focus: - 2 x WR: Go get JuJu, and either Sammy Watkins, Kenny Stills, or Allen Robinson (whoever ends up the best available FA of the three). - We need corners: Depends who comes available but we need to add 2-3 CBs. Xavier Rhodes, Jason Verrett, Quinton Dunbar, Patrick Peterson, TJ Carrie are all set to be FA next year for now. 6. With a likely top 3 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the New York Jets... trade down. We need as many picks as possible. OL, Edge, OL, Edge. Two areas we’ve been talking about for years that never seem to get solved. Also, another QB between rounds 2-5, even if Sam balls out. 7. Enter 2021 chasing that new 7th seed wildcard spot.
  11. If anyone has a time share located nearest to an opponents stadium we can get your investment down by 12.5%
  12. ... x 50,000 hardcore Jets fans is all it would take to offer the Johnsons market value for this sorry a$$ franchise and take complete control. Throw in a coupla celebs who are massive Jets fans like Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Ray Romano, Larry David, Gary Vee and we bring the cost down even further. Who’s with me?!
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