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  1. It’s said he sold his soul to the devil to achieve incredible musical ability - and the devil came to collect with his life soon after. I am totally convinced Joe Namath did the same thing. And the devil has been collecting for the last 52 years. Boo.
  2. https://instagram.com/stories/thequinnenwilliams/2485339277991422904?igshid=1smh7chxtm0eb (sorry if this was posted in the Saleh thread - that thing is so long I couldn’t keep up)
  3. 1. Both Gase & Williams fired by Monday. It’s clear the team has given up on both sides of the ball - both should be held accountable. Also fire Dowell Loggains. 2. Make Brant Boyer interim head coach, seeing as his unit is the only unit that isn’t a complete sh*tshow. Jim Bob Cooter becomes OC. Andre Carter DC. 3. Instructions from Boyer to Cooter: “light up the scoreboard, put the ball in Darnold’s hands 90% of the time to give him the reps and let’s see what he’s really made of”. 4. JD has been given the reigns, no questions asked. He’s got 4 years left in his contract a
  4. If anyone has a time share located nearest to an opponents stadium we can get your investment down by 12.5%
  5. ... x 50,000 hardcore Jets fans is all it would take to offer the Johnsons market value for this sorry a$$ franchise and take complete control. Throw in a coupla celebs who are massive Jets fans like Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Ray Romano, Larry David, Gary Vee and we bring the cost down even further. Who’s with me?!
  6. No, but he probably would’ve kicked that 45 yarder which would have beaten the bills, and if we did then today we’d be one game out of the 6th seed at 7-8.
  7. Should have been there Week 1. Or any other semi-competent kicker. And we’d be one game out of the 6th seed. Thanks Mac.
  8. Here are some comparisons... guess which QB has produced these single game stats within the first couple years of their career: (Yes, these are the ugliest of them all, but I haven't pulled out any 1 td 2 int games, just a couple that seemed the most 'Yesterday Darnold') WK Game Date Opp Result G GS Comp Att Pct Yds Avg TD Int Sck SckY Rate Att Yds Avg
  9. Mark your calendar. Jets v Pats divisional round. Where we make our revenge. But for now...
  10. Its not like Darnold just threw for 300+ with a 70% completion rate hey... If that is how he plays in the pocket, keep him there.
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