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  1. I know, was just adding a second source, the first was from some other article...It is getting to the point that if 2 people didn't hear it I don't beleive it was said when it comes to the Jets
  2. per Dyer on twitter Kristian Dyer ‏@KristianRDyer Cro: "I’m not that kind of a cowardly person...People have to understand that I’m never going to talk about a teammate through a paper."
  3. he obviously decided to speak to someone...the (not on the record) was a smartass addition by a wannabe comedian writer hinting that he thought Cro was the source
  4. http://thejetsblog.com/ interview with Scott at 47 minute mark "dont believe anyone on this team would say that about someone a loved and respected as Tim Tebow"
  5. as did scott http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/11/15/bart-scott-ladainian-tomlinson-is-wrong-i-didnt-rip-tim-tebow/related/ “That can’t be farther from the truth,” Scott said. “One thing about me is I ain’t ever hid behind [junk] that I’ve ever said. I’m not afraid to put my name to it, go to a person and say it to them. . . . LaDainian is out of line in thinking I have that type of character. I don’t know what he believes I showed to him when he was here. If anything, I hope I showed him I was a leader and I never try to be a distraction.” Tomlinson also said he thought cornerback Antonio Cromartie might have provided some of the anonymous quotes ripping Tebow. Cromartie has refused to speak to reporters about the matter. (At least, he has refused to speak to reporters on the record.) Scott said he has no idea who made the comments about Tebow and doesn’t think they reflect the character of his teammates. “I’ve been here four years,” Scott said. “It’s always an anonymous source. An anonymous source can be the janitor. An anonymous source can be the cable guy. An anonymous source can be the equipment guy. Anybody can be an anonymous source. If you don’t tell them to put their name to it, what credibility do you have? I think the anonymous person is probably some smoke in the air or a fart off somebody’s [butt].”
  6. Cro denied it http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2012/11/antonio_cromartie_denies_ladai.html "I heard it but I have no response for a retired player," Cromartie said. "Y'all know me, if I say something I put my name to anything I want to say. I really don't care if I hurt anybody's feelings, that's not me and for me to sit here and say I'm going to talk about a teammate? If I'm going to talk about a teammate I'm going to tell him personally. "I'm not going to get into the media and say I'm anonymous, I'm not that type of cowardly person."
  7. some teams have a QB who can make the WR (and Oline)look good, some teams have WR who make the QB look good....then there are the teams that have neither
  8. it is difficult with reads, the third read may be open, but he isn't on the read t that point. without sitting down and tracking where he is looking at any given point you can't tell if he is looking that way. If read 3 comes open at the 2 second mark, but he is on his nd read at that time the window could be closed by the time he gets therre, like wise if he is on his first read at the one second mark and the first readgets open at 2 seconds he may have already moved on. Not saying Sanchez hasnt been bad...he is terrible, but it surely isn't the only problem
  9. true, but by and large they have not been getting too open. Not saying it never ever happens, analyzing one play at a time does no good. It doesn't matter if 1 play a guy was wide open if it only happens 25% of the time
  10. According to Rex Ryan in his presser, according to his understanding of the situation those quotes were made much earlier this season. Said he found it "interesting" that they are only coming out now
  11. slighlty below average at this point, but not a significant outlier at this point, I do feel there are problems at WR that arent reflected in drops though. Seperation and route crispness are a problem
  12. out of curiosity if it came out that Slauson made those comments during training camp and not recenltly would it change you mind at all about the way the team views Tebow?
  13. absolutely below average hands for sure, league average is 6.71%, remove the outliers and it is probably more like 6.6% so slightly above average, but not nearly Jacksonville or Denver bad. Of course drops arent 100% indicitave of talent overall either
  14. name team attempts drops drop rate Joe Flacco BLT 309 12 3.88% Philip Rivers SD 300 12 4.00% Andy Dalton CIN 315 14 4.44% Ben Roethlisberger PIT 316 15 4.75% Christian Ponder MIN 316 15 4.75% Cam Newton CAR 271 13 4.80% Michael Vick PHI 316 16 5.06% Matt Ryan ATL 351 19 5.41% Kevin Kolb ARZ 183 10 5.46% Josh Freeman TB 273 15 5.49% Tony Romo DAL 344 19 5.52% Alex D. Smith SF 217 12 5.53% Sam Bradford SL 289 16 5.54% Ryan Fitzpatrick BUF 296 17 5.74% Eli Manning NYG 364 23 6.32% Matt Hasselbeck TEN 221 14 6.33% Carson Palmer OAK 375 24 6.40% Russell Wilson SEA 253 17 6.72% Mark Sanchez NYJ 294 20 6.80% John Skelton ARZ 172 12 6.98% Andrew Luck IND 362 26 7.18% Matt Schaub HST 275 20 7.27% Tom Brady NE 358 27 7.54% Jay Cutler CHI 255 20 7.84% Ryan Tannehill MIA 280 22 7.86% Matthew Stafford DET 388 31 7.99% Drew Brees NO 374 30 8.02% Matt Cassel KC 261 21 8.05% Peyton Manning DEN 330 27 8.18% Robert Griffin III WAS 262 24 9.16% Aaron Rodgers GB 327 30 9.17% Brandon Weeden CLV 336 31 9.23% Blaine Gabbert JAX 276 27 9.78% Jake Locker TEN 127 14 11.02%