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  1. I guess we don't know anything about punt returns
  2. kerley might have more lateral PR yards than vertical
  3. Idk how a special teams unit can be so consistently bad
  4. I hate the pats, but i love Gronk. He's just a doofus. He adds much needed humor to a game that takes itself too seriously.
  5. Does anyone know if this game will be televised nationally? And if it is not, does Directv Sunday Ticket still broadcast the game?
  6. How has this guy not been fired?
  7. Unfortunately, EA has an exclusive license to use NFL team names and players. I wish that the days of 2K Football would return as well. They've done a great job with their NBA titles. There was even that class action lawsuit where EA had to return money to anyone who bought a madden within a certain timespan and made a claim because the game literally has not changed in mechanics or style or anything in idk how many years!
  8. its the same game every year....
  9. I'm so glad Dolan doesn't give a Sh*t about the rangers like he does about the knicks. otherwise, they wouldn't be where they are.
  10. The Rangers are a can't miss. Even if you don't watch hockey, I highly encourage anybody to watch whats happening. its a special group of guys, and it has been a really exciting playoffs. Game 5 against Montreal is tonight, and it has been a vicious series. These teams really don't like each other. I'm just surprised there are so many football fans who don't watch hockey, with the physicality and all.
  11. I think the issue is he's WEARING HIS OWN JERSEY!
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