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  1. Exactly. Though it will still sell millions. I was hoping that 2k games would bring back ESPN 2k this year, but I have to settle for my 9th straight year of disappointment. 

    Unfortunately, EA has an exclusive license to use NFL team names and players. I wish that the days of 2K Football would return as well. They've done a great job with their NBA titles. There was even that class action lawsuit where EA had to return money to anyone who bought a madden within a certain timespan and made a claim because the game literally has not changed in mechanics or style or anything in idk how many years!

  2. The Rangers are a can't miss. Even if you don't watch hockey, I highly encourage anybody to watch whats happening. its a special group of guys, and it has been a really exciting playoffs. Game 5 against Montreal is tonight, and it has been a vicious series. These teams really don't like each other. I'm just surprised there are so many football fans who don't watch hockey, with the physicality and all.  

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