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  1. the thing is, A. Cro's game depends on his speed and quickness, and with his hip, all elements of his game become a non-factor. He's not a dude that plays with positioning. He needs to be bigger and faster than the other guy
  2. i dont need to read Mel Kiper's opinion on here. ESPN is horse sh*t
  3. He's an upgrade over howard and will be cheaper. ya'll are irrational as ****.
  4. yuvabuv

    Mo Wilk

    you dont sign Mo to a deal now. we can still have him on a rookie deal for 3 more years, then franchise hime for a 4th. thats 4 years of not paying him top dollar, and letting them team have room to build.
  5. All Kiko has is a high number of tackles, and the tackle stat doesn't mean sheeeeeeet
  6. why trade a proven commodity (who could be best in the league at his position), for an unknown prospect?
  7. I think they are just letting him play out his contract.
  8. Continuity for a young team on a coaching staff means a lot.
  9. Sanchez will be benched before the season ends.
  10. I remember the first time seeing peyton hillis. He was on the broncos and he destroyed the jets. since then, ive always liked the guys style, but hes injury prone, and the jets have enough backs
  11. I honestly believe being a Jets fan builds character. You dont want your son to be some cheap bandwagoning a$$hole, right?
  12. Three word. Neil. Patrick. Harris. and almost every single actor on broadway. at least in musical theater
  13. Nnamdi was just in a system that didnt work to his advantage in philly. hes not revis, but if rex got his hands on him, i wouldnt be surprised if he was back to his old self.
  14. The add pops up every single time i click on a link. It is making the website almost too frustrating to even use. thumbs down.
  15. I would give anything to see a Harbowl. But what I'd rather see is a Ryan-bowl! Rob Ryan for Bears HC! lets get this ball rollin
  16. Well they SHOULD have dressed Mcelroy! but no. we have tebow. But BOTH of them have a better chance of scoring in that situation over sanchez!
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