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  1. you dont sign Mo to a deal now. we can still have him on a rookie deal for 3 more years, then franchise hime for a 4th. thats 4 years of not paying him top dollar, and letting them team have room to build.

  2. He's out of work looking for a job* Coming out of the closet will not help him (edit: teams would look at him as a distraction, the locker room would be divided. Like Hines Ward said, "the NFL isn't ready yet.".) . I doubt it will even help with his acting career. What famous male movie star do you know of that is openly gay? Besides Tyler Perry. I kid. He can get a modeling career no problem, but he will always have that gay stigma on him. America isn't there yet. 

    Three word. Neil. Patrick. Harris. and almost every single actor on broadway. at least in musical theater

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