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  1. It's like they're scared to ever pull Sanchez when he's not doing well to put tebow in. It always has to be when he's on a streak and disrupts his rhythm. If they were to EVER use tebow, and i don't like that thought, but why not use him at the end and catch "lightning in a bottle?" And why not keep running?!?!?! that was working...Sanchez singlehandedly uprooted this teams efforts tonight.

  2. no. it takes time for a first time head coach to fully come into his own. Some coaches win later in their careers. Mike Shanahan...hell, belichik was onto his 4th team before winning the SB. I really think all rex needs is time. lets just hope he's not our andy reid.

  3. I should be chosen to win this competition. I am a life long Jets, Mets and Rangers fan, following my father. I cherish any opportunity is get to meet an athlete that is apart of one of my favorite teams. My dad has had tickets since shea when he was in high school, and our family knows the pain of being a Jets fan. My Grandparents actually lived next to Babe Ruth's Widow. They were given a lot of Ruth memorabilia, so my family was destined to be a Yankees/Giants family. Turns out, the seats at the new shea stadium were wider, allowing my "larger" grandfather to sit more comfortably at games. From then on, my grandfather and father would attend Mets and Jets games instead of Giants and Yankees. My future as a Jets fan would be decided upon a few centimeters of seat space. My first game was the playoff win against Jacksonville. After that, I would miss very few home games, and have made many road trips to see the Jets. I bleed green through the good and bad (even though i was too young for kotite), and would love the opportunity to meet a New York Jet.

  4. Shonn Greene is not as bad as you all claimed. If I hear he didn't break more than 10 tackles today, whoever is keeping that "stat" is a blind moron.

    Stephen Hill was a man.

    Malone was a beast all day.

    Cro was great. Most of what Indy accomplished was on penalties. Some were legit, some questionable

    Good to see Davis and Allen doing some work. They are fast. Strange that they cut Allen and now use him plenty. Seems more useful than Bush right now.

    i agree on allen. he looked great in preseason. i dont know why he was on PS
  5. Not to mention Cutler and Schaub being acquired via the trade market in recent years. While perhaps not "elite", they're legit talents. Hell, you could even include the likes of Favre and Warner who had nice runs with their respective teams at the end of their careers.

    wait a minute......didnt we....?....nvm.

  6. He has neglected the glaring O line problem that was the death of the jets last year. he has made some questionable picks (gholston, Vlad, kyle wilson?). and he trades away valuable picks for FA's, and then overpays them. He was on the right track for "building" a team in the 06/07 drafts, but he does not seem interested in that anymore.

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