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  1. there are 3 choices for this team. fail with hunter. replace hunter. or replace sanchez, because then they wouldnt have to pass block.
  2. And thanks for "honoring the fans" with yet another advertisement!
  3. Gronk will be their #2 receiver. and a side note- bring back BRAYLON!
  4. its really amazing that he hasnt signed a blocking TE. why do they yell "ground and pound" when year after year, they clearly arent equipped for it. is Vlad gunna be the TE?!
  5. is coples's nose perpetually clogged?! the guys talks like eli without down syndrome
  6. I cannot wait to see the headbutt on hardknocks
  7. It will be part of the media strategy for the jets! chad takes eyes off tebow and sanchez. and when they resign plax, that will takes eyes off chad! woody would jizz himself!
  8. Well, I am going out on a limb. Chad will probably be cut from the fins. i say the jets SIGN THIS BEAST.
  9. yuvabuv


    yeahhhhhhh they arent gunna trade david harris. hes part of the core, believe it or not.
  10. i think its all tucked into his pants
  11. That's because Mcelroy IS chad pennington. and chad was the only dolphin QB to do well in sparano's system.
  12. We drafted tebow to play RT! DUH
  13. woah woah woah. Ray Ray is my boii! how you gunna do him like that son?!
  14. at least we dont have matt millen guys!
  15. I would be disappointed if that were the case... I guess Tanny doesnt like to build teams, just sign teams. Keep some of your home-growns Tanny!
  16. Good. we have too many Griffins on this team, its about time they stop confusing me.
  17. Since when is TED iconic? that movie sucked asssss. i had the taste of fecal matter upon leaving the theater.
  18. how can anyone put the knicks ahead of the rangers for "right now"?! Rick Nash baby! Guaranteed Cup in NYC!
  19. I agree. Tebow should start game 1
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