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  1. I didn't include Lloyd in the list because I think he is a lock for the roster.





    Welker and Lloyd are locks for #1/#2. Slater is a pro bowl STer and plays on all four kicking teams. Edelman is Welker's main understudy, as well as the PR and an emergency DB.

    If you assume they will carry 6 WRs (which they've done before many times), that at the bare minimum leaves Stallworth, Gaffney, and Branch competing for two spots. They also have a UDFA, a 7th rounder, and a previous year practice squader competing, but I am not expecting much out of them.

    Gronk will be their #2 receiver.

    and a side note- bring back BRAYLON!

  2. Minnesota is in full blow it up and rebuild mode so immediate parts dont really matter to them. Draft picks are what teams like that look for. Harvin will get them a compensatory 3 so thats why the cost is likely a 3 and 5 or 6 for the player. If the Jets trade Holmes the cap hit isnt high. Its the factor that everyone overlooks in the Jets deals with many of these players. The Jets guarantee salary and while that makes it difficult to cut certain players (Scott, Bart) you can trade them. In Holmes case the dead cap is only 1.25 million (with another 3.75 next year) with the other team taking on $14-$15 million in guarantees. If things dont work out this season and the defense makes a full transition to 4-3 Id expect Holmes, Sanchez, Harris, and Cromartie to all be shopped. They wont find a buyer for all 4, but one or two gives the Jets a tremendous amount of cap room to improve the team.

    yeahhhhhhh they arent gunna trade david harris. hes part of the core, believe it or not.

  3. The reason I believe McElroy (thanks for correcting the spelling) is the best candidate to run a Sparano offense is because his natural instincts as a QB tell him to make smart, quick, and overly cautious decisions, just like Chad Pennington did it was natural for them to drop back asses the play quickly determine the deep reads are to dangerous to attempt, and won't try, and extend the play, and letting the receivers get free, and automatic check down to outlet, even if it's 3rd and whatever if the check down has no shot at getting a first down sometimes even in situations where it is unthinkable to not attempt a throw to get a 1st down.

    And no Sanchez has shown nothing that suggests he should be allowed to do what he wants back there at QB, but he has shown a lot that suggests he is not suited to play this style of O, he has to consciously tell himself ok it's been X amount of time look for check down, that is obviously unnatural to him, and to me the more the Jets try, and change him the worse the QB he will become.

    It's funny the Jets preach these check down throws to him, which is fine every QB needs to know where, and when to check it down, but it's funny the Jets check down option is either A. It seams on some plays the first read, and B. Only like 1 yard down the field, but go watch the Packers, Saints, ect. those guys check down options are 4-7 yards down the field so it's a positive gain even if tackled immediately unlike the Jets when tackled immediate it's for on average a yard or two at best, the deeper the route tree, the deeper the outlet/check down receiver can get, and that is where those offenses pick up free easy yards, and help extend drives, or continue to have 2nd, and shorts, we have had no such O here with Schotty, and Sparano's will be no different on that front.

    That's because Mcelroy IS chad pennington. and chad was the only dolphin QB to do well in sparano's system.

  4. Hehe. Awesome.

    Seriously, though, I think you can blame Tannenbaum. The ofensive line has been a problem since preseason last year. And has never goten back to its 2009 form. Now its an outright liability. And not a damned thing has been done to fix it in all this time. Who has Tanny brought in? Otah and Shladeraff. And Robert Griffin, a UDFA-grade tackle we spent a draft pick on. We drafted D-line (our deepest position) and a raw WR. Now we can't run or throw and have no offense no matter who's taking snaps. Like him or not, Tannenbaum has done a poor job in regard to the teams biggest and most obvious weakness for the past two years.

    We drafted tebow to play RT! DUH

  5. he's better then brister, o'donnel, foley, pennington, nagle, clemens, ray lucas, rick mirer.... actually a lot.. Our QB history is pretty sh*tty

    woah woah woah. Ray Ray is my boii! how you gunna do him like that son?!

  6. remember they approached Cotchery for a pay cut and he said no, they cut him. The Jets were going to cut Slauson if he said no. He won't be the last player they try this move with.

    I would be disappointed if that were the case... I guess Tanny doesnt like to build teams, just sign teams. Keep some of your home-growns Tanny!

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