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  1. I visited the rock HOF today as well. really amazing place with so much to see
  2. That interview kinda got me bummed as well, but i feel the need to go because im 19 years old, and curtis was the jet that i loved when i was younger. ill never forget my first game which was the Jacksonville playoff game
  3. So I have touched down in Canton, Ohio. Cannot wait for Curtis to get the recognition that he deserves. I will be uploading photos of the festivities once they start. Did anyone else make the trip?
  4. My dad and i sat in 314 in the old stadium, now were in 135 and i miss the atmosphere of upstairs. we are two of the few people in our section that go to every game. upstairs is where the real fans are, so youll have a good time.
  5. The Packers use the same buzzer system. seems to work pretty well.
  6. i was impressed by chaz schilens. he didnt really make any amazing stand out plays, but hes fast as hell and just as tall as stephen hill. if he stays healthy, i think he can be a solid 3rd reciever. bilal powell was really quick and made some great plays. maybin got in on the action frequently and looks promising. I'm really excited about stephen hill. His first move after every catch came really quickly and should be due for a lot of YAC this season. Greg Mcelroy picked up where he left off last offseason, and was very consistent despite throwing a pick to antonio allen. I am hoping Travis baltz beats out t.j. conley for the punting position. I know its early to tell with kickers, but baltz's punts went farther and had way more hang time than conley's. But out of all the players, the one who i think improved the most is joe mcknight. He looks much bigger and hasn't lost a step to his quickness. his legs still look like toothpicks, but really big toothpicks. He found holes on kickoff drills and had some good runs in team drills. I am very excited to see how joe does this season, and if he can be the #2, or even #1 RB on this team.
  7. lol. god i miss nyj hardknocks
  8. every time ive met ed he has seemed like a jerk : / but that's just my experience with him
  9. i met him before a game. he is a southern man who likes to wear denim. he signed a picture of himself catching a ball against the chiefs in the afc championship game and gave it to me.
  10. Does anybody else see how ridiculous this is?! Tebow says the same crap over and over. why do people care?! its not interesting, but the media gobbles it up!
  11. I want abe elam back! he's good depth and plays ST well. remember that pick6 against the the raiders?
  12. actually, the results are in, and it's really the DNA of "I'll Have Another." I guess tommy boy had too much fun at the derby \:D/
  13. Historically, I'd say the Dolphins are the bigger rivalry. But currently, I have to say the Pats. It alllllll started with with the Parcells "trade" to the Jets. the rest is history.
  14. *side note: as a hopkins lacrosse AND a cornell lacrosse fan, i always cringe when i see your sig.
  15. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/05/01/ryan-says-jets-didnt-want-irvin-at-no-16/ thoughts?
  16. Maybe it was leaked on purpose so Clinkscales could save face if they end up having a terrible draft.
  17. Rex needs revis because the jets have no pass rush so he needs the CBs to lock down so a chance of a rush can happen. CBs are how Rex's defense work
  18. This is the new logo? FINALLY! JESUS CHRIST! the last one was so old testament
  19. why, yes it is. just because i think sanchez should have more time doesn't mean i do not support every jet.
  20. The only reason the pass D ranks pretty highly every year is because Revis takes away the best reciever. we still need a guy to shake up the QB to create turnovers.
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